February 22, 2024

Unattended Child Crashes Vehicle Into School Building

Garden City, Ks (westernkansasnews) Officers of the Garden City Police Department were dispatched to 805 W. Fair Street (Gertrude Walker School) for an injury accident involving a vehicle that hit the school. The accident occurred Tuesday just before 4:00 p.m.

After investigation, officers learned that a woman had parked her Chrysler Town & County on 10th Street directly south of W. Fair Street and left the vehicle unattended with two children inside and in child restraint seats. While the woman walked over to pick up her other children from school, a 3-year-old passenger was able to get out of the restraint seat, put the vehicle in drive, and press the accelerator all the way down. The Chrysler drove northbound and struck a parked Honda Civic, pushing the Honda onto the sidewalk and into the grass. The Chrysler continued north and struck the school on the southeast corner of the building. Both vehicles involved received extensive damage and were towed from the scene. The
damage to the school was estimated to be over $5,000.00. Traffic in the area was diverted for approximately one hour.

No injuries were reported from the