February 25, 2024

GWAC releases all-league football selections

Scott City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–The Great West Activities Conference has recently announced their all-league football selections for the 2021 season.

Holcomb had the most selections with 20, while Cimarron had 19, Hugoton 14, Colby 12, and Scott City had 11. The Bluejays had 12 overall first-team selections, while the Longhorns finished with nine.

For a second straight year, no GWAC team champion was awarded. Holcomb and Cimarron saw their season end this past Friday in the Regional round of the playoffs. Holcomb fell to Andale in the Class 3A Playoffs and Cimarron lost to Beloit in the Class 2A Playoffs.

1st Team
Quarterback: Braxton Harrison, Cimarron
Running Back: Mason Eskam, Cimarron; Tyler Voss, Colby; Jace Thomas, Scott City
Wide Receiver: Jordan Smith, Cimarron; Cooper Henson, Holcomb
Tight End: Luke Janzen, Cimarron
Offensive Line: Tanner Bailey & Jarrett Bogner, Cimarron; Ian Rosales, Colby; Dexter Dautel, Goodland; Carter Gooden, Scott City
All Purpose: Levi Knoll, Holcomb

Defensive End: Tanner Bailey, Cimarron; Ian Rosales, Colby; Nic Almarez, Holcomb
Defensive Line: Asher Naverro, Cimarron; Josh Seudass, Goodland; Cross Palacios, Holcomb
Linebacker: Michael Feltman, Cimarron; Kolby Johnson, Holcomb; Cade Reynolds, Hugoton; JP Harris, Scott City
Defensive Back: Braxton Harrison & Jordan Smith, Cimarron; Conner Lanning, Colby; Levi Knoll, Holcomb

Special Teams
Punter: Braxton Harrison, Cimarron
Kicker: Chris Palacios, Holcomb
Punt Returner: Damon Mesa, Holcomb
Kick Returner: Levi Knoll, Holcomb

2nd Team
Quarterback: Kaden Johnson, Holcomb
Running Back: Mason Hernandez, Goodland; Kolby Johnson, Holcomb; Brennan Vagher, Ulysses
Wide Receiver: Santiago Macias & Adam Mendoza, Hugoton
Tight End: Collin Carroll, Colby
Offensive Line: Nick  Rehmer, Colby; Jackson Griffith, Goodland; Gavin Ramirez &  Kooper Tichenor, Holcomb; Blake Rodriguez, Ulysses
All Purpose: Ben Scott, Ulysses

Defensive End: Isaac Martin & Cade Mecklenberg, Hugoton
Defensive Line: Blake Schilling, Cimarron; Zach Griffin, Colby; Alex Rodriguez, Holcomb
Linebacker: Luke Janzen, Cimarron; Tyler Voss, Colby; Khai Kosner, Holcomb; Lorenzo Gomez, Ulysses
Defensive Back: Matt Nemecheck, Goodland; Chris Palacios, Holcomb; Griffin Heger, Hugoton; Collin McDaniel, Scott City

Special Teams
Punter: Brady Welker, Scott City
Kicker: Freddy Castillo-Saenz, Scott City
Punt Returner: Ashton Burrows, Holcomb
Kick Returner: Jordan Smith, Cimarron

Honorable Mention
Quarterback: Gavin Williams, Hugoton
Running Back: Khai Cosner, Holcomb; Isaac Martin, Hugoton; Brady Welker, Scott City
Wide Receiver: Eli Greene, Cimarron
Tight End: Damon Mesa, Holcomb
Offensive Line: Layne Johnson, Cimarron; Zach Castigliano & Zach Griffin, Colby; Sebastian Gonzalez, Hugoton; Adrian Elder, Scott City
All-Purpose: Carson Faurot, Scott City

Defensive End: Gus Hawkins, Scott City; Blake Rodriguez, Ulysses
Defensive Tackle: Tyler Rehmer, Colby; Cutter Hawks, Hugoton; Josh Jacobson, Scott City
Linebacker: Breon Barton, Colby; Cooper Henson, Holcomb; Kaden Jackson & Adam Mendoza, Hugoton
Defensive Back: Bryce Myers & Carson VanEaton, Colby; Chris Harris, Holcomb; Danzel Mendez, Ulysses

Special Teams
Punter: Mason Hernandez, Goodland
Kick Returner: Ashton Burrows, Hugoton