February 24, 2024

Area wrestlers compete well at Hoisington

Hoisington, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–Area boys and girls wrestlers made their way to Hoisington on Friday for the Hoisington Corner Classic. It was a pretty good day for the athletes, as they made their final mat appearance before the break.

The two Barton County teams would take the top spots, as the girls and boys scores were combined. Great Bend dominated the field with 356 points, while Hoisington was second with 202 points and Concordia was third with 189.5.  Holcomb finished sixth, Cimarron seventh and Scott City was 10th in the 12-team field.

Holcomb and Scott City each had one first place finish. At 113 pounds, Matthew Long was the boys champion, while Mackayla Miller was the girls champion at 235 pounds. Cimarron’s highest finish came from Erik Garcia at 113 pounds, Ales Sefried at 170 on the boys side.

Team Scores
Great Bend 356; Hoisington 202; Concordia 189.5; Eureka 149.5; Liberal 122.5; Holcomb 104.5; Cimarron 100; Stafford 58; Scott City 44; Russell 43; Kingman 9.5

Individual Results
106 (Round Robin)
1. Christian Belden, Concordia; 2. Jai-Sean George, Larned; 3. Nolan Jacobs, Hoisington

Championship: Matthew Long, Holcomb, won by tech fall over Erik Garcia, Cimarron, 15-0
3rd Place: Austin Armstrong, Larned; won by dec over Ashton Dooley, Concordia, 5-2

120 (Round Robin)
1. Avery Wolf, Great Bend; 2. Eastin Redetzke, Hosington; 3. Logan Leiszler, Concordia; 4. Jameson Smith, Larned

Championship: Daniel Vines, Concordia, won by dec over Josiah Ball, Hoisington, 3-0
3rd Place: Kaden Spragis, Great Bend, won by dec over Dillen Hook, Larned, 8-3

Championship: Cooper Liles, Great Bend, won by dec over Gatlin Hoch, Larned, 8-6
3rd Place: Tarrant Young, Stafford, won by fall over John Szot, Great Bend, 3:55

138 (Round Robin)
1. Wyatt Weber, Great Bend; 2. Deryk Yott, Hoisington; 3. Easton Swihart, Concordia; 4. Logan Sefried, Cimarron

Championship: Tommy McClure, Liberal, won by dec over Brody Harrison, Eureka, 3-1
3rd Place: Chris Harris, Holcomb, won by fall over Jace Schartz, Great Bend, 1:08

Championship: Ethan Boles, Eureka, won by dec over Skyler McMullen, Great Bend, TB-1 5-4
3rd Place: Toby Wahlmeier, Concordia, won by fall over Abe Llamas, Stafford, 1:04

Championship: Vaiden Weinrich, Great Bend, won by dec over Kolby Johnson, Holcomb, 7-2
3rd Place: Caleb Hanson, Concordia, won by forfeit over Zach Hilton, Eureka

Championship: Nathan Brown, Concordia, won by fall over Alex Sefried, Cimarron, 2:36
3rd Place: Aidan Davidson, Great Bend, won by fall over Chance Unruh, Cimarron, 3:30

182 (Round Robin)
1. Keyan Miller, Concordia; 2. Matthew Johnson, Great Bend; 3. Ryan Palacios, Holcomb; 4. Jarrett Bogner, Cimarron

195 (Round Robin)
1. Tracer Murdock, Concordia; 2. Brady Schnoebelen, Great Bend; 3. Andrew Bogner, Cimarron; 4. Tamari Howard, Hoisington

Championship: Keyven Schroeder, Great Bend, won by fall over Carter Atteberry, Larned, 2:22
3rd Place: Logan Philbern, Hoisington, won by forfeit over Asher Navarro, Cimarron

285 (Round Robin)
1. Cole Gilliland, Hoisington; 2. Hudson Rice, Liberal; 3. Axel Ortiz, Stafford; 4. Kevin Villatoro, Holcomb

Championship: Mana Chanthasone, Liberal, won by fall over Keirsie Carlile, Liberal
3rd Place: Veronica Greene, Cimarron, won by forfeit over Sheena Gocela, Hoisington

Championship: Isabella Gutierrez, Liberal, won by dec over Caitlyn White, Great Bend, SV-1 4-2
3rd Place: Takodah Garcia, Liberal, won by fall over Mayra Gonzalez, Great Bend

Championship: Rylee Shepard, Eureka, won by fall over Reese Watkins, Larned, 5:13
3rd Place: Paige Schwartz, Hoisington, won by fall over Lillian Gradig, Hoisington, :33

Championship: Tionna Napue, Russell, won by dec over Kiana Grandclair, Hoisington, 8-2
3rd Place: Adriana Barajas, Holcomb, won by dec over Jaydon Davis, Great Bend, 7-3

Championship: Daizy Gomez, Great Bend, won by fall over Audrey Schwartz, Scott City, :45
3rd Place: Emily Lovett, Hoisington, won by fall over Brenn Hilton, Eureka, 1:42

132 (Round Robin)
1. Breanna Ridgeway, Great Bend; 2. Jaden Ney, Russell; 3. Daijah Jones, Hoisington; 4. Leah Miles, Eureka; 5. Madison Miller, Scott City

138 (Round Robin)
1. Tally Wikum, Hoisington; 2. Teggan Workman, Concordia; 3. Angelica Quezada, Liberal; 4. Ashlyn Pazdernik, Scott City

143 (Round Robin)
1. Sierra Ferguson, Great Bend; 2. Lyndsey Escareno, Eureka; 3. Alexa Valenzuela, Liberal; 4. Morgan Gunter, Stafford

155 (Round Robin)
1. Skylee Dodd, Eureka; 2. Katelyn McCloskey, Stafford; 3. Madison Newton, Cimarron; 4. Rian Rodriguez, Holcomb

170 (Round Robin)
1. Makyla Gore, Eureka; 2. Kynslee White, Great Bend; 3. Rosal Pablo, Liberal

191 (Round Robin)
1. Haylee Holinde, Great Bend; 2. Leilani Torres, Liberal; 3. Jasmine Rangel, Liberal

235 (Round Robin)
1. Mackayla Miller, Scott City; 2. Analiz Rivas, Great Bend; 3. Cassidy Kennedy, Kingman