April 21, 2024

Scott City wrestling takes home 37th Scott City Wrestling Classic title

Scott City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–Saturday’s 37th Scott City Wrestling Classic saw some quality wrestling from various classifications and states, as 15 schools made their way to the Scott Community Events Center. 

Scott City would repeat as tournament champions with 239 points, while newcomer to the tournament, Goodland was second with 161. 

The Beavers had three champions, as Collin McDaniel at 126, Zach Rohrbough at 145 and Kale Wheeler at 182 won individual titles. McDaniel was voted the “Outstanding Wrestler” and also had the fastest fall at just eight seconds.

Wichita County saw Wyatt Gardner win at 138 and Chandler Seaton at 195. Holcomb’s Matthew Long won the 113-pound weight class, as did Adriana Barajas, and Cimarron saw Veronica Greene and Madison Newton win individual titles.

Team Scores
Scott City 239; Goodland 161; Liberal 139; Wichita County 117; Holly, CO 96; Holcomb 86; Ulysses 77; Rawlins County 76; Lakin 71; Cimarron 64.5; Hugoton 59; Scott City X 57; Larned 49; St. Francis 41.5; Russell 20, TMP Marian 14 

Individual Results
Championship: Tripp Duvall, Holly, won by dec over Waylon Ricker, Scott City, 8-2
3rd Place: Kike Yanez, St. Francis, won by dec over Roman Romero, Ulysses, 8-6
5th Place: Yossen Meza, Hugoton, won by fall over Kason Ramsey, Holcomb, 2:28
113 (Round Robin)
1. Matthew Long, Holcomb; 2. Gus Hanson, Rawlins County; 3. Evan Fry, Scott City; 4. Erik Garcia, Cimarron; 5. Shane Todd, St. Francis; 6. Eloy Trujillo, Liberal
Championship: DJ Knox, Goodland, won by maj dec over Ayden Presson, Scott City, 16-4
3rd Place: Ryan Sramek, Rawlins County, won by dec over Sebastian Heredia, Ulysses, 7-5
5th Place: Gabe Neugebauer, Holly, won by forfeit over Tyler Roberts, Scott City X
126 (Round Robin)
1. Collin McDaniel, Scott City; 2. Brayson Salinas, Ulysses; 3. Octavio Gonzalez, Goodland; 4. Tyler Tarpley, Liberal; 5. Jaden Porter, Wichita County; 6. Emilio Salinas, Liberal

Collin McDaniel, Scott City

Championship: Irving Mendez, Liberal, won by dec over Bly Gosch, Lakin, 9-6
3rd Place: Greg Martinez, Holcomb, won by forfeit over Kyron Koehn, Wichita County
5th Place: Daunte Maldonado, Holly, won by fall over Braydon Binder, TMP-Marian 2:38
Championship: Wyatt Gardner, Wichita County, won by dec over Alex Rodriguez, Scott City, 8-1
3rd Place: Diego Enciso, Holly, won by dec over Drake Anguiano, Ulysses, 5-1
5th Place: Curtis Beam, Lakin, won by fall over Caleb Todd, St. Francis, 2:14
Wyatt Gardner, Wichita County

Championship: Zach Rohrbough, Scott City, won by dec over Tommy McClure, Liberal) 24-5, 8-2
3rd Place: Holden Kite, Cimarron, won by dec over Javion Granado, Lakin, 7-0
5th Place: Shannon Rethke, St. Francis, won by dec over Dominique Maldonado, Holly, 6-3

Zach Rohrbough, Scott City

Championship: Drew Withington, Rawlins County, won by dec over Luke Fischer, Larned, 8-2
3rd Place: Adam Mendoza, Hugoton, won by fall over Kyan Ensign, Goodland, 1:00
5th Place: Colby Johnson, Cimarron, won by forfeit over Kolby Johnson, Holcomb
Championship: Mason Hernandez, Goodland, won by dec over Tristen Porter, Wichita County, 5-2
3rd Place: Teagen Pfeifer, Russell, won by fall over Kaleb Jaquez, Ulysses, 1:33
5th Place: Eli Greene, Cimarron, won by maj dec over Juan Rodriguez, Scott City, 11-1
Championship: Trystian Juarez, Liberal, won by fall over Maverick Spresser, Goodland, 0:39
3rd Place: Alonso Frances, Scott City, won by fall over Oscar Mendez, Scott City X, 1:11
5th Place: Josephe Hernandez, Hugoton, won by fall over Aitor Curto, Lakin, 2:58
Championship: Kale Wheeler, Scott City, won by maj dec over Javon Allen, Liberal, 14-3
3rd Place: Ryan Palacios, Holcomb, won by dec over Brandon Price, Wichita County, 3-0
5th Place: Isaiah Gerstberger, Wichita County, won by fall over Jarrett Bogner, Cimarron, 4:21
Kale Wheeler, Scott City

Championship: Chandler Seaton, Wichita County, won by fall over Cael Nordyke, Holly, 1:21
3rd Place: Brady Welker, Scott City, won by dec over Mason McCoy, Rawlins County, 3-1
5th Place: Omar Gonzalez, Lakin, won by dec over Angel Lazo, Goodland, 6-2
Chandler Seaton, Wichita County

Championship: Dexter Dautel, Goodland, won by fall over JP Harris, Scott City, 1:34
3rd Place: Tanner Gooden, Scott City X, won by forfeit over Carter Atteberry, Larned
5th Place: Cutter Hawks, Hugoton, won by fall over Braydon Bruner, Scott City X, 1:44
285 (Round Robin)
1. Caleb Duell, Goodland; 2. Hudson Rice, Liberal; 3. Josh Jacobson, Scott City; 4. Baylor Vasquez, Scott City X; 5. Kevin Villatoro, Holcomb

101-109 (Round Robin)
1. Veronica Greene, Cimarron; 2. Amilia Martinez, Holcomb; 3. Jaylee Santana, Holcomb; 4. Jacqueline Garcia, Scott City
Veronica Greene, Cimarron

120-126 (Round Robin)
1. Adriana Barajas, Holcomb; 2. Audrey Schwartz, Scott City; 3. Brooklynn Gossman, Scott City
138-143 (Round Robin)
1. Olivia Flores, Hugoton; 2. Xavia Brenn, Rawlins County; 3. Ashlyn Pazdernik, Scott City; 4. Claudine Stein, TMP-Marian
155 (Round Robin)
1. Madison Newton, Cimarron; 2. Rian Rodriguez, Holcomb; 3. Amanda Farnum, Hugoton; 4. Jordis Shaw, Scott City
Madison Newton, Cimarron