February 24, 2024

Scott City wrestling edges Goodland for GWAC Tournament title

Scott City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–Entering Friday’s Great West Activities Conference Tournament in Scott City, the Beavers had won the past four tournament, with the first three winning in a dual format. This year would be their closest margin, as they would fight through injuries and adversity to take the fifth consecutive GWAC Tournament title at the Scott Community Events Center.

Scott City finished with 178 points, three points ahead of Goodland with 175 points, while Colby was third. 

Scott City had three tournament champions in Alex Rodriguez at 138, Zach Rohrbough at 145 and Kale Wheeler at 182. Holcomb saw Greg Martinez win the 126-pound weight class, and had two girls champions in Amilia Martinez at 101 and Jaylee Santana at 109. Ulysses saw Maya Tarbet win the 120-pound weight division. Hugoton’s Adam Mendoza won the 152-pound weight class. 

Goodland’s finish was their highest in the league since winning it in 2014. Just three schools have won the tournament, as Colby and Scott City have five league titles and Goodland has two. 

Team Scores
Scott City 178; Goodland 175; Colby 153; Holcomb 64.5; Cimarron 61.5; Ulysses 45; Hugoton 40

Final results
Championship: Dawsen Degood, Colby, won by dec over Erik Garcia, Cimarron, 6-5
3rd Place: Waylon Ricker, Scott City, won by fall over Yossen Meza, Hugoton, 1:18
113 (Round Robin)
1. Kaeden McCarty, Colby; 2. Evan Fry, Scott City; 3. Devon Rickard, Goodland
120 (Round Robin)
1. DJ Knox, Goodland; 2. Ayden Presson, Scott City; 3. Aiden Cook, Colby; 4. Sebastian Heredia, Ulysses
126 (Round Robin)
1. Greg Martinez, Holcomb; 2. Octavio Gonzalez, Goodland; 3. Braysen Salinas, Ulysses; 4. Collin McDaniel, Scott City
132 (Round Robin)
1. Tucker Wark, Colby; 2. Cesar Peregrino, Scott City; 3. Jared Quain, Goodland
138 (Round Robin)
1. Alex Rodriguez, Scott City; 2. Conner Lanning, Colby; 3. Drake Anguiano, Ulysses; 4. Logan Sefried, Cimarron
Championship: Zach Rohrbough, Scott City, won by maj dec over Chris Harris, Holcomb, 10-1
3rd Place: Holden Kite, Cimarron, won by fall over Cai Lanning, Colby, 3:42
152 (Round Robin)
1. Adam Mendoza, Hugoton; 2. Kyan Ensign, Goodland; 3. Colby Johnson, Cimarron; 4. Houston Frank, Scott City
160 (Round Robin)
1. Mason Hernandez, Goodland; 2. Kolby Johnson, Holcomb; 3. Kaleb Jaquez, Ulysses; 4. Jacob Irwin, Scott City
170 (Round Robin)
1. Tyler Voss, Colby; 2. Maverick Spresser, Goodland; 3. Alonso Frances, Scott City; 4. Alex Sefried, Cimarron
182 (Round Robin)
1. Kale Wheeler, Scott City; 2. Nick Rehmer, Colby; 3. Gantzen Miller, Goodlnad; 4. Jarrett Bogner, Cimarron
195 (Round Robin)
1. Angel Lazo, Goodland; 2. Colin Carroll, Colby; 3. Brady Welker, Scott City; 4. Mason Eskam, Cimarron
220 (Round Robin)
1. Dexter Dautel, Goodland; 2. JP Harris, Scott City; 3. Cutter Hawks, Hugoton; 4. Layne Johnson, Cimarron
285 (Round Robin)
1. Caleb Duell, Goodland; 2. Logan Haggard, Colby; 3. Josh Jacobson, Scott City; 4. Kevin Villatoro, Holcomb

101 (Round Robin)
1. Amilia Martinez, Holcomb; 2. Veronica Greene, Cimarron; 3. Brooke Vogler, Colby
109 (Round Robin)
1. Jaylee Santana, Holcomb; 2. Rhiannon Cacavio, Goodland; 3. Jaqueline Garcia, Scott City
115 (Round Robin)
1. Kathie Chavez, Colby; 2. Harli Roberts, Scott City; 3. Megan Feltman, Cimarron; 4. Camryn Conner, Scott City
120 (Round Robin)
1. Maya Tarbet, Ulysses; 2. Adriana Barajas, Holcomb; 3. Brooklyn Gossman, Scott City
155 (Round Robin)
1. Destiny Gonzalez, Goodland; 2. Rian Rodriguez, Holcomb; 3. Talya Martinez, Ulysses; 4. Amanda Farnum, Hugoton