February 29, 2024

Scott City Wins Abilene regional, 16 area 4A wrestlers qualify for state

Abilene & Andale, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–Saturday was a big day for wrestling, as the boys took to the mat in the Class 4A Regionals held in Abilene and Andale. The top four wrestlers would qualify for state next week in Salina.

In Abilene, the Scott City Beavers qualified nine wrestlers to win the regional by 25.5 points over Colby, who qualified eight to state. Clay Center was third place as a team. 
Scott City was led by Zach Rohrbough, who won the 145-pound weight class. Dakota Hayes was named “Regional Coach of the Year”, and Buhler’s Sam Elliot was the “Regional Wrestler of the Year”.

In Andale, Augusta dominated the field, as they won by 90 points over host Andale. Ulysses was eighth and had three qualifiers, including regional champion Justin Degollado at 182. Holcomb was ninth with three qualifiers and Hugoton got one state qualifier and was 11th. 

The Class 4A State Wrestling Tournament will be Friday & Saturday, February 25-26 in Salina.

4A Abilene Regional
Team Scores
Scott City 180.5; Colby 155; Clay Center 141; Concordia 140.5; Goodland 130; Wamego 115.5; Abilene 102; Buhler 77; McPherson 67.5; Chapman 52.5; Rock Creek 39; Nickerson 25.5; Smoky Valley 24.5; Hesston 3.5

State Qualifiers
Championship: Christian Belden, Concordia, won by dec over Dawsen Degood, Colby, 7-2
3rd Place: Waylon Ricker, Scott City, won by fall over Julius Raygoza, Chapman, 1:36
Waylon Ricker, Scott City

Championship: Kaeden McCarty, Colby, won by dec over Hayden Kalivoda, Clay Center, 4-0
3rd Place: Evan Fry, Scott City, won by fall over Ashton Dooley, Concordia, 0:35
Evan Fry, Scott City

Championship: Christopher McClanahan, Abilene, won by dec over Aiden Cook, Colby, 6-5
3rd Place: DJ Knox, Goodland, won by fall over Logan Leiszler, Concordia, 1:24
Championship: Daniel Vines, Concordia, won by dec over Collin McDaniel, Scott City, 6-2
3rd Place: Treyton Pelnar, McPherson, won by dec over Cooper Wuthnow, Abilene, 1-0
Collin McDaniel, Scott City

Championship: Tucker Cell, Abilene, won by fall over Tucker Wark, Colby, 1:34
3rd Place: Cruz Hershberger, Buhler, won by dec over Tayke Weber, Wamego, 14-11
Championship: Garett Kalivoda, Clay Center, won by maj dec over Conner Lanning, Colby, 11-3
3rd Place: Easton Swihart, Concordia, won by fall over Nick Cruickshank, Wamego, 0:54

Championship: Zach Rohrbough, Scott City, won by dec over Braden Wilson, Abilene, 4-0
3rd Place: Thomas McIntyre, Wamego, over Collin Pearson, McPherson, 9-4
Zach Rohrbough, Scott City

Championship: Talyn Pfizenmaier, Clay Center, won by dec over Houston Frank, Scott City, 3-1
3rd Place: Kyan Ensign, Goodland, won by dec over Justin Wisner-McLane, Chapman, 6-5
Houston Frank, Scott City

Championship: Sam Elliott, Buhler, won by dec over Mason Hernandez, Goodland, 5-3

3rd Place: Lance Miller, Scott City, won by dec over Drew Brown, Wamego, 5-4
Lance Miller, Scott City

Championship: Tyler Voss, Colby, won by dec over Brett Loader, Clay Center, 6-2
3rd Place: Nathan Brown, Concordia, won by dec over Jase Fitzmorris, McPherson, 7-1

Championship: Keyan Miller, Concordia, won by fall over Kale Wheeler, Scott City, 5:52
3rd Place: Jake Meyer, Wamego won by fall, over Nick Rehmer, Colby, 2:05
Kale Wheeler, Scott City

Championship: Hayden Oviatt, Wamego, won by fall over Brady Welker, Scott City, 1:02
3rd Place: Braylon Berry, Clay Center, won by dec over Cooper Bittle, Rock Creek 7-4
Brady Welker, Scott City

Championship: Dexter Dautel, Goodland, won by fall over Brayden Lexow, Chapman, 3:03
3rd Place: JP Harris, Scott City, won by dec over Justin Holt, Smoky Valley, 7-5
JP Harris, Scott City

Championship: Luke Young, Clay Center, won by dec over Caleb Duell, Goodland, 11-6
3rd Place: Sam Logan, Nickerson, over Logan Haggard, Colby, 0:14

4A Andale Regional
Team Scores
Augusta 239; Andale 149; Rose Hill 137.5; Winfield 120; Pratt 109; El Dorado 106; Mulvane 84; Ulysses 83; Holcomb 46; Clearwater 36; Hugoton 28; Circle 27; Wellington 27; Cheney 6, Wichita-Trinity 1;

State Qualifiers
Championship: Johnny Leck, Rose Hill, won by dec over Trent Eck, Andale, SV-1 2-1
3rd Place: Talon Suttles, Winfield, won by fall over Elijah Foy ,Augusta, 2:31
Championship: Kalvin LaPlant, Augusta, won by dec over Adam Bilby, Rose Hill, 9-3
3rd Place: Owen Suttles, Winfield, won by dec over Pete Herbst, Andale, 2-0
Championship: Marcus Terry, Augusta, over Colton Miller, Andale, 7-2
3rd Place: Sebastain Heredia, Ulysses, won by dec over Zane Swinford, Winfield, 6-5
Championship: Justin Lin, Augusta, won by fall over Blake Winsor, Pratt, 5:44
3rd Place: Greg Martinez, Holcomb, won by fall over Braysen Salinas, Ulysses, 1:17 
Championship: Cannon Carey, Augusta, won by dec over Taye Wilson, Pratt, 7-4
3rd Place: Brody Lindenman, Winfield, So. over Tyren Emberson, Rose Hill, 5-1
Championship: Owen Eck, Andale, won by dec over Grady Fox, Augusta, 10-3
3rd Place: Hunter Dietrich, Mulvane, over EJ Krug, El Dorado, 0:51
Championship: Rhett Briggs, El Dorado, So. over Koda Dipman, Pratt, 3:56
3rd Place: Trent Moses, Mulvane, over Chris Harris, Holcomb, 2:16
Championship: Keegan Beavers, Rose Hill, won by fall over Keishaune Thompson, Pratt, 3:38
3rd Place: Adam Mendoza, Hugoton, won by fall over Kelby Eck, Andale, 4:20
Championship: Jonah Meyer, Andale, won by dec over Kolby Johnson, Holcomb, 12-7
3rd Place: Parker Smith, Winfield,. over Ke`Rel Thompson, Pratt, 2:50
Championship: Kody Brenn, Winfield, over Gabe Kant, Augusta, 7-0
3rd Place: Terek White, El Dorado, over Andy Huynh, Mulvane, 0:40
Championship: Justin Degollado, Ulysses, won by dec over Thomas Johnson, Augusta, SV-1 9-7
3rd Place: Ethan Irvine, Mulvane, won by maj dec over Alec Beasley, Clearwater, 14-6
Championship: Garrett Davis, Augusta, won by forfeit over Brock Schell, El Dorado
3rd Place: Cade Evans, Rose Hill, won by dec over Chris Dietrich, Mulvane, 8-1
Championship: Riley Marx, Andale, won by maj dec over Collin Scott, El Dorado, 18-7
3rd Place: Holt Williams, Augusta, won by dec over Jordan Montemayor, Rose Hill, 8-1
Championship: Hagen Wright, Wellington, won by dec over Willy Jon Morales, Augusta, 3-2
3rd Place: Milan Colvin, Rose Hill, won by maj dec over Isaiah King, Circle, 10-2