May 22, 2024

Three GCCC Employees Win League Excellence Awards

Garden City, KS March 14, 2022 — Garden City Community College is proud to announce three employees have won the 2021-2022 League Excellence Awards: Linda Hill, Samantha Sanger, and Mark Scheopner.

The League Excellence Awards recognize outstanding faculty, staff, and leaders in the community college field who have made a significant difference in the lives of students and in the communities their colleges serve.

These awards are based on nominations from fellow colleagues. Each recipient will receive a specially cast pewter medallion, an Excellence Award certificate, and a copy of the League Awards Program. The recipients were honored on stage during an all-employee meeting on Friday, March 11th.

GCCC President, Dr. Ruda, commented “Congratulations to these excellent employees for their leadership, integrity, and dedication to GCCC. The college is very appreciative of all your hard work.” Linda Hill is a Programmer/Analyst in the Information Technology department. Comments from her nominations included:

• “Linda Hill is constantly improving the overall student experience here at GCCC- especially when it comes to the most up-to-date technology that students expect and should have access to.”
• “Linda is very hard-working and dedicated to helping students, faculty, and staff.” Samantha Sanger is an English Professor, Assessment Coordinator, and Division Chair for Communications and Education department. Comments from her nominations included:
• “Samantha continually goes above and beyond to support the college and its values,
especially in terms of Assessment.”
• “She has been excellent in helping us both continue to refine our continuous improvement practices and strengthening our overall continuous improvement framework by completing missing pieces of the framework.”

Mark Scheopner is the Print Shop Manager in the Print Production department. Some
comments from his nominations included:
• “Mark is honest, helpful, and supportive to anyone and everyone. Mark is the same person in every situation. He consistently shows up and is prepared.”
• “If you have an idea, Mark is always willing to go the extra mile to help figure out the logistics of getting the idea to reality.”

The League for Innovation in the Community College is an international nonprofit organization with a mission to cultivate innovation in the community college environment. To learn more, visit