Annual District Art Show People’s Choice Award Winners

GARDEN CITY, KAN (WesternKansasNews.Com) – Garden City Public Schools Visual Art Department has recently announced the People’s Choice Award Winners and the Honorable Mention, from the Annual District Art Show in March. Students from around the district had their artwork on display at the Educational Support Center as part of the celebration of Youth Art Month during the month of March. 

The students that received the People’s Choice Award include Paisley Powers, Cardinals; Elaina Rodriguez, Never Ending Colors; Amy Diep, Independent Project; Pax Geotschius, Shattered Values; and Andrea Sandoval, Distant Desire.  

The students that received Honorable Mention include Mirayah Flores, Tower of Chaos; Evelyn Alvarez, Kenai; Kylie Kilgore, Untitled; Serenity Saddler, Jelly Boi; Miguel Zarate, Zig Zag Color; Chloe Meyer, Flower Head; Caiden Coyle, Snowy City; Dominic Campos, Night of the Kitsune; Nick Lange, Seeker of Dreams; Aracely Hernandez, Pterodr; Chloe Meyer, Desire; Easton Sneath, Embossed Foil; Vielman Acevedo, The Gutted Boar; and Chloe Meyer, Medusa.