June 12, 2024

Kansas is projected to break a record for High Wind Warnings

According to data from Iowa State University’s Iowa Environmental Mesonet and the National Weather Service (NWS), the Kansas wind is on pace to break a record this year. So far this year the National Weather Service in Kansas has issued 30 high wind warnings. The record scheduled to be broken was set back in 2014, with 36 warnings issued throughout that year. But, now the NWS said the state is on track to break that record come to the end of the year.

The high wind is also striking earlier this year as this is also the first time since the NWS started tracking the data in 2006 that Kansas has been hit with more than 25 high wind warnings by May 4.

KAKE Meteorologist Frank Waugh said, ” The wind has been more pronounced this year because we’re in a drought, so you’ve ended up with these images of brownout conditions where you have blowing dust and the skies look muddled.”

When the NWS does issue high wind warnings it’s due to conditions where the NWS expects sustained winds over 40 miles per hour, and/or gusts up to 58 miles per hour. 

Waugh says you should always take high wind warnings seriously due to the wind creating conditions that lead to dust storms, high fire danger, and building damage.