May 17, 2024

Garden City Police Department reports 16 counterfeit cases prior to holiday weekend

Garden City, Kan (WesternKansasNews.Com) – Fake money is making the rounds again in Garden City. This month alone the Garden City Police Department says they have taken 16 reports of counterfeit money, and expect that number to increase with fireworks sales and 4th of July holiday travel approaching.

GCPD says in these counterfeit examples, both bills do not have translucent Federal seals or standardized cuts, meaning they’ve been hand cut. The $100 bill’s blue security ribbon is also printed on the bill, when it’s supposed to be woven into the paper.

Officers say pay attention to the money you are handling and being handed! Marking bills with currency pens and/or comparing them to real U.S. currency are some of the best practices to use to detect counterfeit bills.