May 22, 2024

State Board of Education Votes on Classification Proposal

Topeka, Kan. (KSHSAA)–-The Kansas State Board of Education voted in favor of the KSHSAA Classification Proposal on Wednesday with a 6-4 vote. The favorable vote moves the proposal to the Kansas State Legislature for consideration.

A process that began in 2019 with an independent survey given to member schools showed that a multiplying factor for private schools was the most desirable factor regarding a change in classification. With that direction, a classification work group was constructed of representatives from both public and private schools tasked to develop a proposal centered on the directive.

Throughout the 2021-22 school year the proposal was discussed and deliberated among member schools at various meetings, including regional administrative meetings, governing board meetings and special meetings with other stakeholders.

During the April KSHSAA Board of Directors meeting in 2022, the members voted in favor. 43-21 to move the proposal on to a whole member school vote eventually passing the proposal to the Kansas State Board of Education for their consideration.

With the proposal passing the Kansas Board of Education, the KSHSAA will work with state lawmakers during the upcoming legislative session to amend Kansas Statute, K.S.A. 2014 SUPP. 72-711, according to the proposal linked above.