February 25, 2024

Lee Richardson Zoo mourns loss of pronghorn

Garden City, Kan (WesternKansasNews.Com) – Lee Richardson Zoo staff are mourning the passing of the zoo’s last pronghorn, Bryne.  She passed away on Monday, October 17, while under anesthesia for a medical procedure.  During the necropsy, a number of internal abnormalities were found.  The final determination of the cause of death is pending the results of various tests.


Bryne was 9 years old and had 4 offspring during her years at Lee Richardson Zoo.  During the years that the zoo worked with pronghorns, over 100 fawns were born at the facility.  Many of the fawns went to other zoos to share the story of this unique species.  Pronghorns are native to the short-grass prairies of North America and are the fastest land animal on the continent, second only to the cheetah worldwide.