February 25, 2024

Colby girls win GWAC Tennis crown

Scott City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–As regional play looms later this week, five GWAC schools made the trip to Scott City for the Great West Activities Conference Tournament on Monday, hosted by Cimarron. 

In it’s third year of the league meet, the Colby Lady Eagles would take the top spot in the meet, while Cimarron edged Scott City for second place. Ulysses was fourth and Goodland took fifth. The tournament was played as an open, which is a combination of each teams No. 1 and No. 2 players. It is also the same format of postseason meets.

Colby, Scott City and Ulysses will be at the Class 4A Regional meet on Saturday in McPherson, while Cimarron and Goodland will be at the Class 3-2-1A Regional meet Friday and Saturday in Scott City, hosted by Goodland.

Team Scores
Colby 63; Cimarron 47; Scott City 45; Ulysses 16; Goodland 2

1. Hayden Bellamy, Colby; 2. Malorie Cupp, Scott City; 3. Emily Goetz, Cimarron; 4. Paige DeGood, Colby; 5. Haileigh Hickert, Scott City; 6. Anissa Terrazas, Ulysses; 7. Clarissa Sianuqui, Ulysses; 8. Angel Myers, Cimarron; 9. Addison Owens, Goodland; 10. Maddy Murray, Goodland

1. Sam Diederich/Lexie Schroeder, Colby; 2. Keira Bucholz/Amanda Housman, Cimarron; 3. Madison Roberts/Tatum Wells, Scott City; 4. Zoey Jantz/Paslie Werth, Cimarron; 5. Cassandra Zimmerman/Ali Bartlett, Colby; 6. Aolany Aboytes/Nayeli Romero, Ulysses; 7. Ximena Garcia/Kennedy Wasinger, Scott City; 8. Harley Ewalt/Aralyn Flores, Ulysses; 9. Jacelyn Horinek/Payton Lundgren, Goodland; 10. Sophia Garza/Phoebe Nachtigall, Goodland