February 25, 2024

KDOT announces approved October bids

Garden City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–The Kansas Department of Transportation announces approved bids for state highway construction and maintenance projects. The letting took place Oct. 19, 2022, in Topeka. Some of the bids may include multiple projects that have been bundled based on proximity and type of work.

Southwest Kansas area approved bids:
Finney County-23-28 KA-6635-01 – K-23, from the Gray/Finney county line north to the east
K-156/K-23 junction, milling and overlay, 4.0 miles, Venture Corporation, Great Bend,
Kansas, $934,313.60.
Gray County-23-35 KA-6634-01 – K-23, from the north city limits of Cimarron north to the
Gray/Finney county line, milling and overlay, 12.9 miles, Venture Corporation, Great Bend,
Kansas, $2,507,733.00.
Seward County-83-88 KA-3253-01 – U.S. 83, from 0.3 mile south of RS-933 north to U.S. 160
(including bridge #004), milling and overlay, 7.9 miles, J & R Sand Company Inc., Liberal,
Kansas, $18,979,543.32.

The following projects were approved from the Sept. 21, 2022, letting:
Wichita County-96-102 KA-3274-01 – K-96, from Indian Street to Water Street in Leoti, surfacing, 0.9
mile, Koss Construction Co., Topeka, Kansas, $8,177,969.90.
Scott County-96-86 KA-3258-01 – K-96, from the west city limits of Scott City, east to the beginning of
the existing Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP) at Church Street and from the east
end of the existing PCCP near College Street east to the east city limits of Scott City (near
Jefferson Street), pavement reconstruction, 0.8 mile, Vogts-Parga Construction LLC, Newton,
Kansas, $8,103,591.41.