April 21, 2024

Skimmer device found at Scott City gas pump

Scott City, Kan. (Scott City P.D.)–On December 5th, the Scott City Police Department was notified that a credit/debit card skimmer was located at Great Western Tire. A skimmer is a device placed inside the pump that steals your credit/debit card information that can be used later by the thieves for fraudulent purchases.
The skimmer was placed inside the farthest northeast gas pump sometime over the last 3 months. If you got gas at this location using that pump, please watch your statements for unknown charges if your card was compromised.
The skimmer has been removed from the pump and all other gas stations will be notified to check their pumps as well.
If you have any information regarding this skimmer, please contact the Scott City Police Department at (620) 872-2133.