May 22, 2024

Scott City girls, Cozad boys take J.R. Durham Invitational titles

Norton, Kan. (–Several schools from three states made their way to Norton on Saturday for the annual J.R. Durham Invitational Tournament. It was their first tournament back from the holiday break. Scott City would win their second girls tournament of the year, while Cozad would take the tournament title on the boys side. 

On the girls side, Scott City rallied to win the tournament title, as they scored 104 points, while Goodland was second with 83 and McCook had 72 to finish in third place. The Lady Beavers won three individual titles, with Ashlyn Pazdernik at 135, Johnna Sowers at 155 and MacKayla Miller in the 190-235 pound weight class. Winning the Outstanding Wrestler award was Stockton’s Ashlyn Hahn.

Scott City would finish second with 151 points, 22.5 points behind Cozad, who had 173.5. Norton was third and Smith Center took fourth. The Beavers had four wrestlers in the finals, but got one champion. That was Cayden Couchman, who won by fall at 126 pounds. Winning the tournament’s Outstanding Wrestler was Cozad’s Isaac White, who won the 175 pound class.

Team Scores
Cozad, NE 173.5; Scott City 151; Norton 130; Smith Center 95; Rawlins County 76; Beloit 66; Oberlin 61; Russell 61; St. Francis 52; Goodland 51; Oakley 43; Larned 42; Weld Central, CO 13.5; Stockton 5; TMP-Marian 4 

Top Four Places
Championship: Brogan Monty, Beloit, won by dec over Aaron Wilson, Cozad, 5-1
3rd Place: Ayston Kats, Norton, won by dec over Trenton Frank, Scott City, 7-0

Championship: Josh Juenemann, Oberlin, won by fall over Evan Fry, Scott City, 1:29
3rd Place: Derek Clydesdale, Norton, won by dec over Kike Yanez, St. Francis, 8-2

Championship: Jatin Weigel, Norton, won by dec over Drake Hasbrouck, Cozad, 6-1
3rd Place: Waylon Ricker, Scott City, won by fall over Reid Fort, Oberlin, 1:51

Championship: Cayden Couchman, Scott City, won by fall over Shane Todd, St. Francis, 3:19
3rd Place: Jack Carter, Norton, won by dec over Asa Popp, Rawlins County, 8-7

Cayden Couchman

Championship: Boston Irish, Cozad, won by dec over Ayden Loomis, Beloit, 6-0
3rd Place: Ryan Sramek, Rawlins County, won by dec over Owen Reininger, Weld Central, 6-2

Championship: Lukas Zodrow, Oberlin, won by dec over Brennen Pfannenstiel, Norton 7-4
3rd Place: Landyn Plummer, Oakley, won by dec over Alex Rodriguez, Scott City, 6-4

Championship: Dreu White, Cozad, won by dec over Alex Wilkinson, Smith Center, 7-2
3rd Place: Raiden Gilley, Beloit, won by dec over Cesar Peregrino, 12-8

Championship: Bentley Montgomery, Smith Center, won by dec over Collin McDaniel, 6-3
3rd Place: Brock Malcom, Cozad, won by fall over Caden Anderson, Beloit, 1:47

Championship: Brayden Suchy, Russell, won by dec over Kyan Ensign, Goodland, 6-4
3rd Place: Blaze Gossman, Scott City, won by dec over Dradden Foster, Oakley, 4-0

Championship: Drew Withington, Rawlins County, won by fall over Houston Frank, Scott City, 3:38
3rd Place: Teagen Pfeifer, Russell, won by fall over Juan Rodriguez, Cozad, 1:42

Championship: Isaac White, Cozad, won by tech fall over Mason Hernandez, Goodland, 16-1
3rd Place: Josh Popp, Rawlins County, won by maj dec over Brayden Strobel, Russell, 14-5

Championship: Garrett Urban, Norton, won by dec over Luke Fischer, Larned, 6-3
3rd Place: Luke Franklin, Smith Center, won by dec over Maverick Spresser, Goodland, 1:59

Championship: Eli Franklin, Smith Center, won by dec over Carter Atteberry, Larned, 4-3
3rd Place: Jefferson Otter, Norton, won by dec over Eli Boryca, Cozad, SV-1 3-1

Championship: Corbin Puga, Norton, won by fall over Kharson Montgomery, Smith Center, 1:53
3rd Place: Tyree Smith, Cozad, won by fall over Chris Ruano, Cozad

Team Scores
Scott City 104; Goodland 83; McCook, NE 72; Norton 69; Colby 67.5; St. Francis 57; Stockton 55; Ellis 51; Phillipsburg 39; TMP-Marian 34; Larned 29; Southwest, NE 21; Rawlins County 20; Oberlin 11; Russell 11; Southern Valley, NE 0

Top Four Medalists
Championship: Ariel Rickard, Goodland, won by inj def over Nevaeh Ostmeyer, Goodland
3rd Place: Carolina Northup, Stockton, won by fall over Gracelyn Fries, Southwest, 4:19

Championship: Callie Priest, Ellis, won by fall over Liliana McKenna, Larned, 5:20
3rd Place: Ellianna Velardes Phillipsburg, won by fall over Kyra Sowers, Oberlin, 1:35

Championship: Cheyenne Labarge, St. Francis, won by maj dec over Addysin Mollendor, Colby, 19-11
3rd Place: Lola Burk, Goodland, won by fall over Brooklynn Gossmann, Scott City, 4:07

Championship: Ashlyn Hahn, Stockton, won by fall over Peyton Cock, McCook, 1:12
3rd Place: Breck Lohr, St. Francis, won by fall over Reese Watkins, Larned, 2:59

Championship: Ambie Custard, McCook, won by dec over Kathie Chavez, Colby, 5-3
3rd Place: Danica Dautel, Goodland, won by dec over Audrey Schwartz, Scott City, 8-3

Championship: Isabella Keesee, Phillipsburg won by fall. over Amanda Jaeger, Colby, 4:37
3rd Place: Madison Siegfried, St. Francis, won by fall over Cambrea Solze, Russell, 2:57

135 (Round Robin)
1. Ashlyn Pazdernik, Scott City; 2. Yesica Ontiveros, TMP-Marian; 3. Ashalyne Tallent, Norton; 4. Tatum Brown, Scott City

Ashlyn Pazdernik

Championship: Kaydawn Haag, Ellis, won by fall over Claudine Stein, TMP-Marian, 1:36
3rd Place: Kaitlyn Tallent, Norton, won by fall over Jay Doty, Rawlins County, 2:31

Championship: Destiny Gonzalez, Goodland, won by maj dec over Brodi Speer, Scott City, 17-4
3rd Place: Jessi Wait, Norton, won by inj def over Xavia Brenn, Rawlins County

155 (Round Robin)
1. Johnna Sowers, Scott City; 2. Hadyn Blochlinger, Goodland; 3. Evie Vance, Norton; 4. Meka Daub, McCook

Johnna Sowers

170 (Round Robin)
1. Makayla Pate, McCook; 2. Tessa Hill, Colby; 3. Kenya Goss, Norton; 4. Lidia Alfonso, Scott City

190-235 (Round Robin)
1. MacKayla Miller, Scott City; 2. Rivver Long, Stockton; 3. Madelyn Tryon, Southwest; 4. Cadence Greeson, Norton

MacKayla Miller