June 23, 2024

House Agriculture Committee Chairman ‘GT’ Thompson in Kansas


U.S. Representative Tracey Mann (KS-01) hosted U.S. House Agriculture Committee Chairman Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson (PA-15) in Kansas for a Farm Bill related listening session with farmers, ranchers, agricultural producers, and leaders in Kansas agriculture.

“We came together today for this listening session because we care about American agriculture, we care about getting ag policy right, and we want to see American farmers, ranchers, and producers thrive,” said Rep. Mann. “We had people with many different perspectives in attendance – people who prioritize Title 1 and people who prioritize Title 10, people who care about row crops and people who care about livestock, representatives from commodity groups, and representatives from trade associations. Today’s session was a rich, multi-faceted picture of American agriculture, and I am grateful to everyone who took the time to gather in a wheat field in Kansas to participate.” 

“Without a doubt, the most

important part of the Farm Bill process is hearing from our farmers, ranchers, foresters, and producers,” said Chairman Thompson. “The feedback we receive is necessary in crafting an effective Farm Bill. I’d like to thank Congressman Mann for being a great agriculture advocate and for bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders to learn more about the needs of rural Kansans.”

Prior to the listening session, Rep. Mann and Chairman Thompson met with leaders in agriculture in Kansas including the American Royal, Dairy Farmers of America, and Innovative Livestock Services.

Chairman Thompson talks about how agriculture has been treated in the debt ceiling negotiations:

Following the listening session, Rep. Mann, Chairman Thompson, and the Farm Journal Foundation held a panel discussion titled, “The Role of Innovation in Global Food Systems” at Kansas State University. Additional panelists included Dr. J. Ernest Minton, Dean of K-State College of Agriculture; Gregg Doud, Vice President of Global Situational Awareness & Chief Economist of Aimpoint Research; and Tyler Lund, Farm Journal Foundation Farmer Ambassador.