June 20, 2024

Scott City repeats as GWAC golf champions

Goodland, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–Friday was the rescheduled date for the Great West Activities Conference golf meet, held at Sugar Hills Golf Course in Goodland. While the conditions were better than Thursday, the day was filled with tough conditions with strong winds.

Scott City would repeat as league champions, edging out Colby and Goodland, for their second straight title.

The Beavers took the top two individual spots, as Jackson Rumford took the league crown with a score of 86, and in second was Dylan Metzger show an 87. Hugoton finished fourth, as Ayden Harper tied for sixth with a round of 94. 

Class 3A Regional play will be in Lakin on Monday for Cimarron, Colby, Goodland, Holcomb and Scott City, while Hugoton and Ulysses will compete in the Class 4A Regional in Ulysses.

Team Scores
Scott City 376; Colby 381; Goodland 382; Hugoton 409; Holcomb 421; Cimarron 436; Ulysses 490

Top 15 
1. Jackson Rumford, Scott City, 86; 2. Dylan Metzger, Scott City, 87; 3. Zane Betz, Colby, 90; 4t. Hunter Vaughn, Colby, & Barrett Schlosser, Goodland, 93; 6t. Ayden Harper, Hugoton, & Riley Voss, Colby, 94; 8t. Trent Sheldon, Goodland & Oaklee Harrison, Hugoton, 95; 10. Brode Bergsma, Goodland, 96; 11t. Luke Thyne, Holcomb, & Treighton Hoss, Goodland, 98; 13t. Eli Lisenby, Scott City, & Braden Bergsma, Goodland, 100; 15t. Ryan Burman, Cimarron, & Luke Thomas, Goodland, 101

Other Area Results
Cimarron: 22. Layne Johnson, 106; 26t. Dax Smith, 113; 29. Austin Temaat, 116; 33. Ben Vogel, 137
Holcomb: 19t. J. Mesa, 104; 22t. Jacob Novack, 106; 26t. Dalton Foreman, 113; 30. F. Villatoro, 125; 32. Bryce Teeter, 129
Hugoton: 22t. Daycen Austin, 106; 28. Tab Robbins, 114
Scott City: 17t. Cauy Vance, 103; 17t. Jaden Lewis, 103; 21. Tracer Chapman, 105
Ulysses: 34. Martin Garcia, 159; 35. Hayden Gaddis, 163; 36. Saven Rosales, 168