July 15, 2024

Congressional Leaders, White House Reach Debt Ceiling Agreement


Congressional leaders and the White House reached an agreement on extending the debt limit. The new agreement is expected to reach the House floor for debate by Wednesday. The two sides reached an agreement including compromises on work requirements in the SNAP program. Chris Gibbs, Board President of Rural Voices USA, says now that the agreement has been reached, it’s time for Congress to get it passed. “Rural America would be hammered by default and its cascading impacts on retirement savings, farm credit, access to capital, benefits, and more,” he says. “In addition to avoiding this politically-manufactured crisis, Congress needs to get back to the legislating business.” Gibbs also says it’s time to invest in rural America through healthcare and education, expanding new markets for American agricultural products, and protecting every American’s right to vote. With SNAP work requirements settled, it should provide a somewhat smoother path toward the next farm bill.