July 15, 2024

GCCC Coach’s Show, 9/14

GARDEN CITY, KS. – The Garden City Community College Coach’s Show returned from Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom on Thursday.

The show opened with soccer head coach Corey Bryant, who discussed Wednesday night’s 1-0 win for MSOC over Trinidad State, and WSOC’s 0-3 defeat to Butler.

Garden City football has started to air the ball further down field, with Texas A&M transfer Demond Demas recording the first 100-yard game by a receiver this season. Wide Receivers and Strength coach at GCCC, Vaughn Van Dame, joined to discuss his journey from Arena Football to Garden City, and his experience working with a talented WR unit.

Finally, Broncbusters’ football head coach Tom Minnick joined the show to talk about his team’s first three games, including the emergence of sophomore running back, James Jones.

Thank you to coaches Bryant, Van Dame, and Minnick for hopping on the show, and a special thank you to Old Chicago for their incredible hospitality. The Garden City Community College Coach’s Show airs Thursdays at 7:00 to 8:00 P.M. on KWKR 99.9 ‘The Rock’.

MSOC/WSOC head coach, Corey Bryant

Wide Receivers/Strength coach, Vaughn Van Dame

Football head coach, Tom Minnick