July 13, 2024

Garden City girls tennis wins home invitational

Garden City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–With two weeks left in the regular season, several schools in western Kansas made their way to Garden City on Saturday for the annual Garden City Invitational. 

The Buffs varsity team would take the tournament title, defending their home court, as Great Bend was second, Cimarron third and Scott City fourth. 

Cimarron’s Emily Goetz would win the Singles title, and Garden City’s Chloe Ptacek/Kourtney Kneeland won the Doubles division.

Team Scores
Garden City “White” 120; Great Bend 91; Cimarron 87; Scott City “Blue” 79; Dodge City 68; Hays 62; Liberal 60; Garden City “Brown” 58; Goodland 47; Ulysses “O” 43; Scott City “White” 40; Meade 32; Colby 17; Dodge City “Extra” 16; Ulysses “Black” 10

Top 16 
1. Emily Goetz, Cimarron; 2. Jocelyn Kennedy, Garden City “Brown”; 3. Danica Garcia, Garden City “White”; 4. Quincy Nanninga, Garden City “White”; 5. Malorie Cupp, Scott City “Blue”; . Ellie Bunkall, Dodge City; 7. Kaylin Wahlmeier, Great Bend; 8. Paige Stacey, Great Bend; 9. Clarissa Sianuqui, Ulysses “Orange”; 10. Addison Owens, Goodland; 11. Kellyn Phan, Liberal; 12. Kadence Allen, Scott City “White”; 13. Angel Myers, Cimarron; 14. Kennedy Wasinger, Scott City “Blue”; 15. Aby Dyck, Meade; 16. Kaylee Velazquez, Liberal

1. Chloe Ptacek/Kourtney Kneeland, Garden City “White”; 2. Sofia Madilo/Hailey Brown, Garden City “White”; 3. Madison Roberts/Tatum Wells, Scott City “Blue”; 4. Samantha Mayers/Taylor Lashley, Great Bend; 5. Kaelin Maier/Aylee Zimmerman, Hays; 6. Kiera Bucholz/Zoey Jantz, Cimarron; 7. Kinlee May/Jaiden Pfannenstiel, Hays; 8. Nathalie Donjuan/Kylee Hammel, Liberal; 9. Nita Alvarado/Charlotte Wagner, Dodge City; 10. Mac Lindberg/Darcy Feist, Great Bend; 11. Holly Reimer/Bethany Reimer, Meade; 12. Anahi Velasquez/Jessica Rivera, Dodge City; 13. Jocelyn Flores/Addison Seba, Garden City “Brown”; 14. Jana Calderon/Stephany Hernandez, Dodge City; 15. Keiry Holguin/Paislie Werth, Cimarron; 16. Phoebe Nachtigal/Maddy Murray, Goodland