July 16, 2024

Scott City repeats as tournament champions at Ron Smith Invitational

Ulysses, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–Satruday saw 12 schools make their way to Ulysses for the 60th Annual Ron Smith Invitational in Ulysses. Scott City would win their second straight tournament of the season, as they are repeat winners of the Ron Smith Invittational Tournament.

The Beavers would put up 207 points, with Ulysses in second at 119.5 points, while Hugoton and Holcomb finished third and fourth. Scott City would take five of the weight classes, as Trenton Frank won at 106, Matthew Wheelear at 126, Collin McDaniel at 165, Houston Frank at 175 and Tanner Gooden at 220. Ulysses saw Sebastian Heredia win at 132 and Brayson Salinas at 144 pounds. Holcomb’s Haegan Hartman was the winner at 120 and Gregery Martinez was the winner at 138. Wichita County also had two champions, with Wyatt Gardner at 150 and Brandon Price at 285 pounds. Hugoton’s Isaiah Peachey took the 113 pound title, and Lakin’s Javion Granado was the tournament champion at 157. 

Team Scores
Scott City 207; Ulysses 119.5; Hugoton 101.5; Holcomb 93.5; Garden City 88; Wichita County 64; Lakin 62; Boys Ranch, TX 48; Liberal 46; Baca County, CO 16; Stanton County 7.5; Dodge City 6

Final Results
Champion: Trenton Frank, Scott City, won by fall over Angelo Otero, Holcomb, 1:47
3rd Place: Amir Covarrubias, Liberal, won by medical forfeit over Tayson Guerra, Wichita County
113 (Round Robin)
1. Isaiah Peachey, Hugoton; 2. Jayce Caldwell, Ulysses; 3. Rylin Roehr, Liberal
Champion: Haegan Hartman, Holcomb, won by dec over Roman Romero, Ulysses, 6-1
3rd Place: Tyson Peters, Wichita County, won by dec over Jeremiah Gonzalez, Scott City, SV-1 5-3
Champion: Matthew Wheeler, Scott City, won by maj dec over Zachary Long, Garden City, 14-6
3rd Place: Yossen Meza, Hugoton, won by dec over Cooper Nix, Hugoton, SV-1 10-8
Champion: Sebastian Heredia, Ulysses, won by dec over Waylon Ricker, Scott City, 3-1
3rd Place: Eli Camacho, Hugoton, owon by maj dec over Elijah Bolton, Boys Ranch, 12-3
Champion: Gregery Martinez, Holcomb, won by dec over Alex Robles, Lakin, 4-2
3rd Place: Jaxsen Salinas, Ulysses, won by dec over Alex Rodriguez, Scott City, 10-6
Champion: Braysen Salinas, Ulysses, won by tech fall over Zane Poulson, Hugoton, 16-0
3rd Place: Easton Eisenhour, Scott City, won by fall voer Favian Ortega, Liberal, 1:07
Champion: Wyatt Gardner, Wichita County, won by maj dec over Cayden Couchman, Scott City, 13-3
3rd Place: Cylis Saldana, Holcomb, won by fall over Juan Ortiz, Garden City
Champion: Javion Granado, Lakin, won by dec over Blaze Gossman, Scott City, 2-0
3rd Place: Jaiden Olvedo, Holcomb, won by fall over Sammy Perez, Garden City, 1:35
165 (Round Robin)
1. Collin McDaniel, Scott City; 2. Donte Odufuwa, Boys Ranch; 3. Angel Aguilar Cano, Ulysses; 4. Jose Bautista, Liberal
175 (Round Robin)
1. Houston Frank, Scott City; 2. Ian Ulrich, Garden City; 3. Von Grubbs, Hugoton; 4. Timmy Johnson, Lakin
190 (Round Robin)
1. Daniel Tinoco, Hugoton; 2. Evan Meza-McDermott, Garden City; 3. Mason Bickerstaff, Liberal; 4. David Aguilar, Stanton County
Championship: Tanner Gooden, Scott City, won by maj dec over Carmelo Orosco, Ulysses, 14-0
3rd Place: James Sully, Boys Ranch, won by dec over Uvalado Martinez, Hugoton, TB-1 2-1
285 (Round Robin)
1. Brandon Price, Wichita County; 2. Edwin Cabrera, Liberal; 3. Jett Konkel, Baca County; 4. Rey Fajardo, Garden City

105 (Round Robin)
1. Jentri Porter, Wichita County; 2. Yaresslie Alonzo, Dodge City; 3. Alejandra Espino, Ulysses; 4. Sophie Tavarez, Dodge City
115 (Round Robin)
1. Lyla Eddie, Ulysses; 2. Hodilia Velasquez, Dodge City; 3. Allie Hernandez, Wichita County; 4. Lynette Loya-Magadan, Wichita County
125 (Round Robin)
1. Jeymi Rosales, Ulysses; 2. Lindy McClure, Hugoton; 3. Kimberly Martinez-Perez, Wichita County; 4. Charolette Wagner, Dodge City
130 (Round Robin)
1. Angela Barreras, Wichita County; 2. Parwana Azami, Dodge City; 3. Lilly Alpers, Dodge City; 4. Arrabella Vargas, Dodge City
140 (Round Robin)
1. Zoe Martin, Hugoton; 2. Emily Kasselman, Scott city; 3. Emily Hurtado, Hugoton; 4. Britany Rascon, Stanton County
155 (Round Robin)
1. Joselin Ramos, Dodge City; 2. Genesis Rodriguez, Scott City; 3. Ruby Tinoco, Hugoton; 4. Alex Garza, Ulysses
170 (Round Robin)
1. Lauren Canny, Stanton County; 2. Lauren Nix, Hugoton; 3. Perla Bernal, Dodge City; 4. Maih Phouvanay, Stanton County