May 27, 2024

Scott City boys, Lexington girls win J.R. Durham Invitational title

Norton, Kan. (–Several schools made the trip to Norton on Saturday for their first tournament coming out of the Christmas break. It was a competitive tournament on both the boys and girls side, which were held at two different sites in town. In the end the Scott City boys would come out on top to win the boys tournament of the J.R. Durham Invitational, while the Lexington girls took the top spot in the girls tournament.

The finals saw the three-team race between Scott City, Cozad and North Platte. The lead rotated between those schools in the final round, but in the end, the Beavers would pick up wins when they needed to, to win the tournament. Scotty City placed nine out of their 12 wrestlers, as Collin McDaniel at 150 and Houston Frank at 175 won individual titles. The Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament belonged to North Platte’s Tyler Haneborg, as he won the 113-pound weight class.

In the girls tournament, Lexington held off Colby in the end for the tournament title. Scott City would place two girls, but both came out in first place. Haylie McDaniel won the 105-pound weight class, while Dayanara Jimenez won the 145-pound division, which was a round robin format. Kaydawn Haag from Ellis was the tournament’s Outstanding Wrestler. 

Team Scores
Scott City 169; Cozad, NE 159; North Platte, NE 138.5; Norton 107; Smith Center 85; Russell 84; Oberlin 80; St. Francis 73; Oakley 51; Larned 34; Goodland 30; Rawlins County 29; Weld Central, CO 25.5; Beloit 22; Stockton 7, TMP-Marian 0
Championship: Brody Pitner, North Platte, won by fall over Trenton Frank, Scott City, 1:04
3rd Place: Xzephren Donner, Russell, won by dec over Kaleb Keiswetter, Norton, 5-4
Championship: Tyler Haneborg, North Platte, won by fall over Brogan Monty, Beloit, 5:30
3rd Place: Derek Clydesdale, Norton, won by medical forfeit over Jai-Sean George, Larned
Championship: Kike Yanez, St. Francis, won by dec over Roman Ochoa, North Platte, 6-4
3rd Place: Cauy Bosserman, Oakley, won by dec over Jeremiah Gonzalez, Scott City, 5-1
Championship: Carter Krier, Oakley, won by maj dec over Matthew Wheeler, Scott City, 14-1
3rd Place:  Drake Hasbrouck, Cozad, won by fall over Jatin Weigel, Norton, 5:46
Championship: Kirk Wilson, North Platte, won by fall over Aaron Wilson, Cozad, 1:53
3rd Place: Shane Todd, St. Francis, won by maj dec over Reid Fort, Oberlin, 10-0
Championship: Lukas Zodrow, Oberlin, won by dec over Boston Iriz, Cozad, 5-2
3rd Place: Alex Rodriguez, Scott City, won by fall over Kellen Elam, Beloit, 3:00
Championship: Dreu White, Cozad, won by dec over Jace Kennel, North Platte, 2-0
3rd Place: Brennen Pfannenstiel, Norton, won by fall over Owne Reininger, Weld Central, 1:54
Championship: Collin McDaniel, Scott City, won by dec over Gus Hanson, Rawlins County, 8-7
3rd Place: Kooper Pohl, Cozad, won by dec over Parker Hutchinson, Smith Center, 6-5
Collin McDaniel, Scott City

Championship: Josiah Pattangall, Oberlin, won by dec over Gannon McCoy, Smith Center, 8-5
3rd Place: Cayden Couchman, Scott City, won by maj dec over Layn Todd, St. Francis, 10-2
Championship: Brock Malcom, Cozad, won by fall over Teagan Pfeifer, Russell, 1:02
3rd Place: Blaze Gossman, Scott City, won by fall over Ethan Graham, St. Francis, 1:22
Championship: Houston Frank, Scott City, won by maj dec over Brayden Suchy, Russell, 1:44
3rd Place: Garrett Emigh, Oberlin, won by dec over Lorenzo Levario, Cozad, 2-0
Houston Frank, Scott City

Championship: Logan Willour, Norton, won by dec over Luke Franklin, Smith Center, 6-3
3rd Place: Lane Wright, Cozad, won by fall over Logan Franz, Goodland, 3:59
Championship: Luke Fischer, Larned, won by maj dec over Eli Franklin, Smith Center, 12-3
3rd Place: Tanner Gooden, Scott City, won by dec over Ivan Jirak, Oakley, 8-6
Championship: Corbin Puga, Norton, won by fall over Alex Gove, North Platte, 1:08
3rd Place: Dominick Kattenberg, Smith Center, won by fall over Jamis Self, Russell, :46

Team Scores
Lexington, NE 142; Colby 138; Oakley 98; Norton 76; Larned 72; Ellis 66, Scott City 66; Goodland 65; Stockton 65; Rawlins County 49; McCook, NE 46; Smith Center 22; Beloit 11; Phillipsburg 5; Oberlin 4; TMP-Marian 0
Championship: Carolina Northup, Stockton, won by fall over Teagan Walker, Larned, 2:43
3rd Place: Josalyn Hernandez-DeLeon, Lexington, won by dec over Aspen Sharpe, Colby, 5-3
Championship: Haylie McDaniel, Scott City, won by fall voer Adrian Salcido, Colby, 4:35
3rd Place: Ariel Rickard, Goodland, won by dec over Gala White, Colby, 5-1
Haylie McDaniel, Scott City

Championship: Callie Priest, Ellis, won by fall over Cora DeGood, Colby, 3:50
3rd Place: Liliana McKenna, Larned, won by dec over Lola Burk, Goodland, 7-6
Championship: Kylee Hodges, Oakley, won by dec voer Cheyenne LaBarge, St. Francis, 7-0
3rd Place: Peyton Cock, McCook, won by fall over Sadie Rodriguez, Lexington, 4:28
Championship: Suubi Alexander, North Platte, won by dec over Maggie Holle, Rawlins County, 9-7
3rd Place: Cara Wittrock, Lexington, won by dec over Cara Herbert, Larned, TB-1 2-1
Championship: Ashlyn Hahn, Stockton, won by fall voer Reese Watkins, Larned, 1:45
3rd Place: Ariana Alcorta, North Platte, won by fall over Cheyanne Hill, Colby, 4:12
Championship: Amanda Jaeger, Colby, won by fall over Abbygayl Jackson, Oakley, 1:36
3rd Place: Danica Dautel, Goodland, won by maj dec over Ruby Solache, Lexington, 12-4
Championship: Morgan Hills, Colby, won by fall over Maleah Vine, Ellis, 3:50
3rd Place: Avery Jensen, St. Francis, won by fall over Khloe Padilla, Smith Center, 2:49
Championship: Kaydawn Haag, Ellis, won by fall over Destiny Gonzalez, Goodland, 5:14
3rd Place: Jay Doty, Rawlins County, won by fall over Makenzi Rhymer, Colby, 1:28
145 (Round Robin)
1. Dayanara Jimenez, Scott City; 2. Dali Braun, Norton; 3. Xavia Brenn, Rawlins County; 4. Sara Anaya, Lexington
Dayanara Jimenez, Scott City

Championship: Brooke Smith, Oakley, won by dec over Cali Wagoner, Oakley, 9-6
3rd Place: Meka Daub, McCook, won by fall voer Abbie Mandeville, :40
Championship: Atavia Cain, Oakley, won by dec over Hadlie Wolf, Lexingotn, 5-0
3rd Place: Daynah Bailey, Norton, won by fall over Alana Favrizius, Colby, 1:48
Championship: McKenzie Furgison, Lexingotn, won by fall over Dacence Greeson, Norton, 1:45
3rd Place: Adriana Winters, Norton, won by fall over Kacee Herredsberg, Smith Center, 2:32
235 (Round Robin)
1. Ashley Najera, Lexington; 2. Kenya Goss, Norton; 3. Kayleigh Steinbeck, McCook; 4. Emma Belleau, Norton