June 21, 2024

Another Step Toward Net-Zero for U.S. Dairy

The National Milk Producers Federation says the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Elanco’s Bovaer is another important step toward a net-zero future. Bovaer and other new technologies that reduce enteric emissions will help U.S. farmers get rewarded for participating in voluntary, producer-led sustainability initiatives, which is critical for the success of such efforts. NMPF also thanks the FDA for its support. “Consumers around the world are demanding lower-carbon foods,” says NMPF President and CEO Gregg Doud. “Innovations such as Bovaer will help American dairy farmers remain globally competitive and maintain their role as leaders in more sustainable dairy production.” NMPF is also grateful to USDA for supporting dairy farmers as they prepare to use Bovaer on their operations. “We’re grateful the department awarded more than $90 million to dairy farmer-owned cooperatives and partner organizations for innovative feed management under the Regional Conservation Partnership for fiscal year 2023,” Doud adds.