Kobach vows to cut taxes, stop illegal immigration during Garden City visit


Garden City, KS(westernkansasnews.com) Republican gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach  and his running mate Wink Hartman visited Stevens Park in Garden City Wednesday morning to make their final arguments to voters for the August 7 gubernatorial primary election.

Kobach started out by addressing a Kansas City Star report about him helping four cities with anti-immigration ordinances.

“During the past ten years numerous cities passed ordinances to stop illegal immigration cause it was costing them a ton of money and they passed the ordinances and were sued by the ACLU at that point they brought me in and we had a 2-2 record we were victorious in Valley Park, Missouri and Fremont, Nebraska and lost in Farmers Branch, Texas and Hazelton, Pennsylvania,” said Kobach, “The Kansas City Red Star and the Wichita Eagle are running a story suggesting we were losing these cases that has a number of misleading statements including the headline, the bottom line is I will fight to stop illegal immigration and we need laws to discourage illegal immigration of course the left and the ACLU hate it and they try to knock these laws down in court, that’s why I fight to defend them.”

From there Kobach continued his push against illegal immigration.

“It poses a criminal threat to our country, a terrorist threat and an economic threat. Every time an illegal alien is in a job that job is effectively taken from a United States citizen or a legal alien who is following the law, we have to do something about it, I will as governor,” said Kobach.

During the visit Kobach and Hartman touched on other topics including tariffs, taxes and more on illegal immigration you can listen to the full comments here and here.