kansas highway patrol

KHP: Two Injured in Gove County Accident Tuesday Afternoon

Grainfield, KS ( A rollover accident in Gove County resulted in two injuries Tuesday on Interstate 70 two miles west of Grainfield.  A third occupant of the car was a two week old baby escaped injury. Vanessa Hesser of Hill City had a tire blow out on her Beetle. The car landed in a...
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Congressman Huelskamp Calls Out Activist Supreme Court

( The U.S. Constitution is laid out with 27 amendments. Lately some people feel the founding document for our government is being trampled on particular when it comes to last week’s decisions made by the Supreme Court. Western Kansas Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp believes the rulings set a dangerous precedent.     Huelskamp takes...
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Few Worries in Allowing Extra Days to Set Fireworks Off

Garden City, KS ( The Garden City Commission stretch out the time where fireworks could used. State law permits fireworks to be bought beginning on June 27th until July 5th. A majority of city commissioners decided customers should not have to wait in using them. City Fire Chief Allen Shelton says there has been...
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Lifeguards Honored For Saving Life of Five Year Old Drowning Boy

Garden City, KS ( One month ago, 17 year old Kailee Stuckey and 22 year old Keali Shelton both lifeguards, came to the rescue of a 5 year old boy Gage Rios who was found not breathing while swimming in the pool at the Garden City Y.      Stuckey and Shelton performed CPR. ...
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superintendent alan cunningham

Dodge City Schools Lay Out Plans For Facility Improvements

Dodge City, KS ( It was announced last week voters approved a 85.6 million dollar facilities improvement bond for Dodge City schools. At Monday night’s board of education meeting discussion centered around how the district wants to spend the money. Superintendent Alan Cunningham says ideas have already been discussed.   Cunningham believes the bond...
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Police Beat: Officers Looking For Reckless Driver

Garden City, KS ( Police officers are on the lookout for a driver who led patrolman on a high speed chase early Saturday morning around 2.  The drivers behavior was so erratic that police called off the chase.  The suspect’s car was left abandoned on Bancroft Street. After spotting the suspect on foot a police officer...
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kansas ag derek schmidt

AG: High Court Rules EPA Overstepped Authority

Holcomb, KS ( The US Supreme Court ruled Monday the Environmental Protection Agency has to consider costs for utility companies when creating new regulations aimed at improving air quality. State Attorney General Derek Schmidt says keeping these regulations would have come at a high price.   Lona DuVall is president of the Finney County...
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Motorcycle Training Course Offers Tips For A Smooth, Safe Ride

Garden City, KS ( For many riding a motorcycle is one of their ways they spend their summer. To help you become a better motorcyclist, Officer Mike Kerley and the Garden City Police have their annual training course July 18th.     After brief instruction in the classroom, you will tackle the obstacle course....
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Shawnee County Court Calls For Immediate 50M Poured Into Education

( While the high court in Washington D.C. was making headlines, another one in Kansas also made news. The Shawnee County District court decided the state’s did not meet its constitutional obligation to fund parts of the school funding model and ordered Topeka to immediately kick in 46 to 54 million in additional funding....
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Marriage Equality Group Grateful For Friday’s Supreme Court Decision

( Now that the dust has settled what are the effects of the US Supreme Court’s decision to allow same-sex marriage in all fifty states. The ruling trumped votes in 32 states upholding marriage as between a man and a woman. Sandra Mead of Equality Kansas believes the 5-4 decision defended the constitution rather...
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