February 25, 2024

Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Decision Stirs Up Passionate Response

Lawrence, KS (westernkansasnews.com) The Young Democrats of Kansas staged a protest rally this week in front of the Lawrence Hobby Lobby store.  At times an estimated 80 people showed up and express their anger about last week’s Supreme Court decision that said family run businesses did not have to provide some forms of contraception if it violated the owner’s religious beliefs.

KS Young Democrats Communications Director Alex Bording wonders what will be the implications from this ruling.

Bording says healthcare coverage is earned as part of a employees benefits package. Hobby Lobby still provides 16 of the 20 known contraceptives under their health plan just not ones that may induce an abortion.

From the Democratic to the Republican  perspective, Congressman Tim Huelskamp says the decision revolves around the first amendment and does not limit women’s access to  contraception.

Huelskamp says Catholic hospitals were facing the same problem in offering contraceptive care to women a violation of their religious beliefs.