June 13, 2024

GCHS swimming 5th at Emporia

Emporia, KS (westernkansasnews.com)-When Casey Wise puts his schedule together during the offseason, the one meet he looks forward to is Emporia. Why?

“The competition is pretty stiff there,” he said. “They had five teams ranked in the top 10 last year.”

Wise’s team still had a pretty decent showing-finishing fifth out of the eight teams there. 


Female Open 200 Medley
10, A ‘GARCI’ (Grace Schmidt, Lindsay Bradstreet, Claire Schmidt, Abigail
Ginest-Dougherty), 2:11.09. 11, B ‘GARCI’ (Kailee Stucky, Joslyn Foreman,
Caroline Robinson, Mattison Perez), 2:19.90. 0, C ‘GARCI’ (Caroline Stillian,
Marie-Isabel Lemke, Madison Bellows, Kaitlyn Chappel), 2:34.82.
Female Open 200 Free
10, Lindsay Bradstreet, GARCI, 2:24.59Y. 12, Andrea Castillo, GARCI, 2:31.97Y.
19, Josephine Calzonetti, GARCI, 2:51.27Y.
Female Open 200 IM
11, Claire Schmidt, GARCI, 2:40.07Y. 15, Kailee Stucky, GARCI, 2:52.60Y. 17,
Caroline Robinson, GARCI, 3:00.20Y.
Female Open 50 Free
11, Abigail Ginest-Dougherty, GARCI, 28.41Y. 12, Grace Schmidt, GARCI, 28.94Y.
0, Brooklen Skipton, GARCI, X 31.88Y. 22, Joslyn Foreman, GARCI, 31.99Y. 0,
Kaitlyn Chappel, GARCI, X 32.10Y. 0, Josephine Calzonetti, GARCI, X
32.65Y. 0, Caroline Stillian, GARCI, X 33.66Y. 0, Madison Bellows, GARCI, X
33.79Y. 0, Marie-Isabel Lemke, GARCI, X 35.96Y. 0, Corinna Lemke, GARCI, X
Female Open 100 Fly
14, Caroline Robinson, GARCI, 1:22.63Y. 15, Andrea Castillo, GARCI, 1:25.48Y.
Female Open 100 Free
8, Erika Schafer, GARCI, 1:04.04Y. 11, Abigail Ginest-Dougherty, GARCI,
1:04.94Y. 17, Brooklen Skipton, GARCI, 1:10.53Y.
Female Open 500 Free
9, Claire Schmidt, GARCI, 6:22.44Y. 15, Mattison Perez, GARCI, 7:12.43Y.
Female Open 200 Free
8, A ‘GARCI’ (Kailee Stucky, Andrea Castillo, Erika Schafer, Abigail
Ginest-Dougherty), 1:56.90. 14, B ‘GARCI’ (Mattison Perez, Brooklen Skipton,
Kaitlyn Chappel, Caroline Robinson), 2:08.16. 18, C ‘GARCI’ (Josephine
Calzonetti, Marie-Isabel Lemke, Corinna Lemke, Madison Bellows), 2:19.16.
Female Open 100 Back
10, Grace Schmidt, GARCI, 1:15.51Y. 13, Kailee Stucky, GARCI, 1:21.68Y. 14,
Caroline Stillian, GARCI, 1:21.84Y.
Female Open 100 Breast
8, Lindsay Bradstreet, GARCI, 1:20.21Y. 14, Joslyn Foreman, GARCI, 1:29.67Y.
15, Erika Schafer, GARCI, 1:30.51Y.
Female Open 400 Free
9, A ‘GARCI’ (Grace Schmidt, Erika Schafer, Lindsay Bradstreet, Claire
Schmidt), 4:18.28. 14, B ‘GARCI’ (Mattison Perez, Joslyn Foreman, Brooklen
Skipton, Andrea Castillo), 4:47.62. 18, C ‘GARCI’ (Josephine Calzonetti,
Kaitlyn Chappel, Madison Bellows, Caroline Stillian), 5:09.70.