May 25, 2024

Huelskamp Talks About Ag, Budget in Town Hall Meeting

Garden City, KS ( Congressman Tim Huelskamp was in Garden City Monday for a town hall meeting.  Critics who are upset with Huelskamp for being kicked off the agriculture committee by former Speaker John Boehner may have a glimmer of hope under Paul Ryan’s leadership after the Congressman’s recent appointment to the steering committee.

Huelskamp criticized many parts of the omnibus budget bill that passed last week, but the biggest drawback is that no action was taken against the Environmental Protection Agency for Rights of Waters.

The proposed regulation is still tied up in the courts.  From Huelskamp’s perspective it gets worse.

Everything was funded from Planned Parenthood to Obamacare to bringing Syrian refugees into the country.  All were aspects of the budget some leading Republicans were committed to cutting or eliminating their funding.  For all that the Congressman did not like, there are some positives.

As for the investigation into the terrorist attack in San Bernardino the probe still has not uncovered much.

Huelskamp is also concerned that in President Obama’s final year he will take new steps at coming after law abiding gun owners.

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