Immigration Attorney Sizes Up Progress and Problems

Cimarron, KS ( He is one of the only people handling immigration cases in our region.  Attorney Mike Feltman of Cimarron says people coming from Mexico are not the only ones to call Southwest Kansas their new home.



Like anybody looking to make money in a new land, temporary work permits have achieved mixed results. 

President Obama’s executive action to halt deportation of six million illegal immigrants is tied up in the courts.  While those here illegally can momentarily breathe a sigh of relief, Feltman knows this falls short of clearing any confusion.

While the action builds upon the Dream Act, for those who want assurances they can stay signing up can make them vulnerable.

So what are the solutions? Feltman is a skeptic when politicians claim building a fence on the border will solve the problem.

As for those caught at the border and told to appear in court, the person’s fear of being deported causes bigger problems.

Feltman’s best advice is to show up for the immigration hearing because typically something can be worked out.

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