August 14, 2022

Dodge City Passes STAR Bond

Dodge City, KS ( Monday night at the Dodge City Commission meeting the commissioners passed a Star Bond Project that commissioners say will greatly benefit the city. Commissioner Joyce Warshaw exlpains the STAR bond.

This project proposes $10.5 million in STAR bonds be leveraged with significantly more private investment.

This star bond will create a retail project and will also support the historic area of Dodge City. Warshaw noted that the biggest request the community has is for more retail, Warshaw on this project will help that need.

The retail project will cover 14 acres and the new home improvement store will bring 70 jobs to the area.

Warshaw also touched on the importance of tourism to Dodge City and this project.

The STAR bond will not affect the pockets of Dodge City or it’s citizens. The bond generates funding from the sales tax in the area.

Radio Story below.