August 14, 2022

GC Police Arrest Lawn Mower Driver After Dangerous Traffic Stop

Garden City, KS ( On June 7, 2017, at 11:50 a.m. Garden City Police conducted a traffic stop on 53 year old Ronnie Farris in the 100 block of N 10th St. Farris was seen driving a riding lawn mower on the street for personal transportation in the 300 block of N 9th St. Officers had prior knowledge that Farris had a suspended driver’s license.

As officers attempted to arrest Farris, he resisted arrest and failed to comply with officers directions. During the arrest, Farris grabbed a screwdriver and lunged at officers in a stabbing motion, striking one officer in the lower back area. He then grabbed a wrench from the mower and attempted to stab at officers with the wrench.

Farris was taken into custody after a brief struggle. He was lodged in the Finney County Jail and could face the possible charges of:
Aggravated Battery of Law Enforcement Officer x2
Criminal Threats
Interference with a Law Enforcement Officer
Driving while Suspended (13th)

No officers were injured during the altercation.