August 10, 2022

Finney Co. horse tests positive for EIA

MANHATTAN, KS( The Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health was notified in August by the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory that a horse in Finney County has tested positive for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). The facility is under quarantine and all the exposed horses were tested, with five additional positive EIA horses. Since the disease is not curable, the affected horses will be euthanized. The remaining horses at the facility will be observed and retested in 60 days.

EIA is most commonly spread by biting flies and ticks. The disease does not affect people, but it can be spread to horses, mules and donkeys. Clinical signs of EIA include fever, anemia and edema; however, affected horses may not show symptoms. All infected horses, including those which are asymptomatic, are carriers of the disease.

 There are typically a small number of cases of EIA in the United States every year, although the disease is common in other parts of the world. EIA is controlled in the U.S. by regular testing before traveling across state lines and/or exhibition. The test for EIA is commonly called a Coggins Test.