May 27, 2024

Garden City Town Hall provides sales tax info

Garden City, KS( Last night at the Garden City town hall the commission provided information on the countywide sales tax that will appear on voter ballots November 7th.

The sales tax is for .30 percent or 3/10 of a cent. The tax would raise the sales tax in Garden City to 8.95 percent and 7.95 percent in Finney County.

The tax will fund improvements to Jennie Barker Road, build a third fire station on the east side of Garden City, construct a new shooting range for law enforcement and public use and would fund three new projects at Lee Richardson Zoo: a new animal health facility, a new primate exhibit and a new flamingo exhibit.

Current estimates are that the sales tax would generate $2.15 million annually. The deadline for voter registration is October 17.