May 27, 2024

GCHS Students make district orchestra

Garden City, KS( The Garden City High School orchestra students had their recorded pieces judged for the Southwest/Northwest District Honor Orchestra on Saturday, November 4th.

Thirty-six of the 40 auditions that the school sent in were chosen to participate in the honor orchestra. There were an especially high number of GCHS freshmen that auditioned this year. Students from all four of the GCHS orchestra classes are represented in the honor orchestra.  The GCHS orchestra students will travel to Hays, Kansas and perform in a concert at Fort Hays State University on Saturday, December 2, 2017.

The GCHS students that received spots in the orchestra include: 1st Violins: Lucas Torres Ruiz, 2nd chair; Abby Oller, Emily Arrieta, Dulce Perez, Nancy Tran, Karmen Herrera, Danielle Bachman, Madison Stout (9th), Kristyl Washington, and Callie McMillan.  2nd Violin: Mariana Macias, Jade Valdez, Leslie Sanchez, Samuel Calzada-Galan, Melanie Sigala, Janae Hiner, Aung Htwe (9th), and Seferino Ramirez (9th).  Viola: Rayenah Bergstrom, Samantha Sosa, Cecilia Vazquez-Paredes (9th), Sydney Bunch, Giao Tang, Vanessa Mota, Tyrel Haynes, Christian Argueta (9th), Irvin Ramirez, James Ortiz, and Aaron Riojas. Cello: Kyler Bennett (9th), Ruby Solorzano, and Oswaldo Mezquita (9th).  Bass: Jayson Resendiz, 1st chair and 9th grader; Tia Dunsworth, Hunter Manley, and Cesar Richters.