September 28, 2022

GCHS holds SW Kansas League Art Show

Garden City, KS( Garden City High School hosted the first annual Southwest Kansas League Art Show February 21 – 23. Great Bend and Liberal, along with Garden City High School, had student artwork in the competition. The competition was juried by Brian McCallum and Michael Knutson, Art Professors, from Garden City Community College.

The show had eight competition categories that included: drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphics, mixed-media, jewelry, and printmaking. Each category had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards. There were also trophies for Best of Show 2D and 3D as well as a People’s Choice award.

The results from the competition include:
Best of Show 2D: Daniela Astrain, “Forteleza”, Charcoal, Great Bend
Best of Show 3D: Javier Cervantez, “Beauty Never Rots”, Mixed Media, Garden City
Peoples Choice: Esmeralda Sepulveda, “Alex Turner”, Oil Paint, Garden City

1st Place: Daniela Astrain, “Forteleza”, Charcoal, Great Bend
2nd Place: Lauren Doctor, “Surrender”, Graphite, Great Bend
3rd Place: Kaci Bunch, “Koria”, Colored Pencil, Garden City

1st Place: Lydia Bailey, ”Dom”, Acrylic, Great Bend
2nd Place: Esmeralda Sepulveda, “Alex Turner”, Oil Paint, Garden City
3rd Place: Jennifer Ramirez, “Juntas Hasta En La Muerte”, Garden City

1st Place: Miranda Ferrel, “The Unseen Mary”, Garden City
2nd Place: Harlee Mick, “Killer Delirious”, Great Bend
3rd Place: Cody Bradley, “Glass Pumpkin”, Liberal

1st Place: Rafael Hernandez, “Clay Box”, Garden City
2nd Place: Dazza Rivera, “One Little Tree”, Garden City
3rd Place: Francisco Garcia, “Teacup & Saucer”, Great Bend

1st Place: Lathe Denney, “Ace of Diamonds”, Garden City
2nd Place: Gilbert Molina, “Skull of a Feather”, Garden City
3rd Place: Jaclyn Radke, “Queen of Hearts”, Garden City

Mixed Media:
1st Place: Javier Cervantes, “Beauty Never Rots”, Garden City
2nd Place: Alejandra Villarreal, “Sleeping Fawn”, Garden City
3rd Place: Sayra Solis, “Beautifour”, Great Bend

1st Place: Lindsey Newman, “Wayfinder”, Great Bend
2nd Place: Javier Cervantes, “Wired Up in Nature”, Garden City
3rd Place: Melanie Duran, “N”, Great Bend

1st Place: Jaci Bacon, “Inner Vision”, Great Bend
2nd Place: Sayra Solis, “Hot Air Balloon”, Great Bend
3rd Place: Tran Le, “Flutter”, Liberal

Honorable Mentions include: Chinh Nguyen, “Skull”; Lawton Smith, “Pro”; Maggie Hillman, “Spacebound”; Priscilla Vasquez, “Flamingo”; Anna Popp, “Waterfall”; Javier Cervantes, “Huggie”; Colton McPherson, “Gooey Goo”; Mari Rico, “La Calavera Catrina; Alexia Pavia, “Alley”; Claude Adams, “Javy Von Monroe”; Jaci Bacon, “Hunter’s Treasure”; Patrick Heath, “Post”; Raquel Garcia, “Snazzy Giraffe” ; Emily Arrieta, “Empress of China”; Alejandra Reyes, “Senior Portrait”; Raul Luna, “Lucas”; Mireya Vasquez, “Home”;
Patrick Heath, “Vestigial Predator”; Alexis Hernandez, “Japan”; Paige Gigot, “Bobcat”; Elizabeth Unruh, “Lani”; Patrick Heath, “Birds of a Feather”; Zoe McCallum, “Wavy”; Harlee Mick, “Op82”; Mikah Proffitt, “Wild”; Abner Chavez, “Kendrick Lamar”; Sopie Oss, “Annabelle”; Esmeralda Sepulveda, “Lost”; Lydia Bailey, “Funny Monkey”; and Emily Arrieta, “Japan’s Cruise”.