May 24, 2024

Kansas school safety bill passes House, no mention of guns


TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) – Legislation designed to harden Kansas schools against gunmen passed in the House Wednesday, though some lawmakers say the bill remains weak.

The bill would set aside $5 million for schools to upgrade infrastructure to slow or thwart a school shooter, and require schools to work with state agencies to develop guidelines to prepare and respond to mass shootings. The bill passed 119-5 and heads next to the Senate for consideration.

Supporters say fostering relationships between schools and state agencies will ultimately save lives, but some critics say the bill is a way for gun-rights supporters to take the focus off of guns.

At the Garden City Chamber Legislative Coffee on March 17 Rep. Russ Jennings called the bill a “feel good bill.”

“You can’t even put a metal detector a single metal detector in every school building in the state for $5 million,” said Jennings.