May 26, 2024

Lt. Governor visits GCHS to discuss Education Council

Garden City, KS( Kansas Lt. Governor Tracy Mann visited Garden City High School Friday morning. The purpose of Mann’s visit was to discuss Governor Jeff Colyer’s recently signed Executive Order 18-10, creating a Governor’s Education Council.

The stop was one of three on Friday, also making stops in Hutchinson and Emporia. Mann described the education council.

“Basically brings in the stakeholders from various parts of our government that are looking at education and also the business community. So we’re trying to look at as a student starts in kindergarten and then finishes their education either at the end of high school or post secondary education what are the skills they are getting and how does that transfer into the workforce,” said Mann.

He also said about the council that it’s important because they will look at a wide range of issues and bring recommendations to the Governor. Mann also encouraged the students to dream big.

“The education that you are getting here and the opportunities you have in Garden City, the sky is the limit,” said Mann.

He also gave students some basic college advice.

“Rule number one, go to class,” said Mann, “if you’ll go to class the chance you’ll succeed is astronomically higher. I would also encourage you to sit in the front of class and get involved and meet people, be a leader and also just meet some new friends and have a great time as well.”

Mann also discussed his role as Lt. Governor saying that he is focusing on agriculture and rural development. Mann has agriculture roots, his family farms in Stanton County and NW Kansas. He also brings business experience.

“I’m spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to we continue to grow economically, how do we make sure agriculture has the tools it needs and how Ag producers how maximize success, also how to help rural communities grow,” said Mann.

He also said he hopes to help the state develop a Kansas that kids want to grow up in and stay here.

“When I think about Kansas in 15 years, I think about a vibrant economy,” said Mann, “with a whole wide range of jobs at all levels that Kansans that live and grow up here can do and raise their families and have a high quality of life.”

Mann was also asked about safety of schools from shootings. He said when it comes to protecting schools should be a local decision, because those in the area know what’s best.