May 24, 2024

Scott City girls tennis takes home invitational

Scott City, Kan. (–The Scott City girls tennis team held home court on Monday, as they took the 2018 Scott City Invitational held at two locations in Scott City. Monday’s meet saw temperatures rise into the low 90’s with a south wind that the players had to battle throughout the day.

For the Beavers they were able to get a pair of first place finishes and a second place. Abby LeBeau bumped up to No. 1 Singles, and won her second straight meet by going 5-0 on the day. Despite one loss, the No. 2 Doubles team of Gisselle Aguirre and Marisela Chavez won as well. No 2. Singles player Cynthia Gonzalez finished in second place. The Lady Beavers were able to hold off Colby, Greeley County and Ulysses for the top spot.

Team Scores
Scott City 105, Greeley County 85, Ulysses 80, Colby 75, Liberal 65, Garden City 40

No. 1 Singles
1. Abby LeBeau, Scott City; 2. Rebecca Irby, Liberal; 3. Lisa Ibarra, Greeley County; 4. Alyssa Kraft, Colby; 5. Diana Santos, Ulysses; 6. Haiven Johnson, Garden City

No. 2 Singles
1. Liberal; 2. Cynthia Gonzalez, Scott City; 3. , Clariza Melendez, Garden City; 4. Mariah Thompson, Colby; 5. Kyra Nolan, Greeley County; 6. Shamira Findley, Ulysses

No. 1 Doubles
1. Cristen Edwards/Lauryn Payne, Ulysses; 2. Lauren Crotinger/Brittany Luebbers, Greeley County; 3. Mackenzie Dodson/April Swartz, Colby; 4. Ashleigh Chappel/Abby Jarmer, Garden City; 5. Lanae Haupt/Yami Sanchez, Scott City; 6. Riddhi Bombawala/Jazzy Monge, Liberal

No. 2 Doubles
1. Gisselle Aguirre/Marisela Chavez, Scott City; 2. Kaitlynn Faber/Adriana Mendez, Colby; 3. Jennifer Johnson/Leonella Martinez, Ulysses; 4. Kelbie Knobbe/Sara Rayas, Greeley County; 5. Olivia Hanigan/Rylee Ortiz, Garden City; 6. Alejandra Ortega/Jaciana Rivera, Liberal

Scott City Coach Steve Kucharik