June 19, 2024

GCCC Accreditation Probation Status Removed

Courtesy of Garden City Community College

[Garden City, KS, July 10, 2019–] After a successful Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Site Team Visit in November of 2018, a recommendation from the Institutional Actions Council, and a final action by the Higher Learning Commission’s Board of Trustees in June of 2019, Garden City Community College received the final Action Letter confirming that the status of “accredited on probation” has been changed as of June 27, 2019. The sanction of probation has been lifted. While Garden City Community College has been fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission throughout its probationary sanction, the institution is no longer on probation.

Concurrent with the removal of the probationary sanction, Garden City Community College has been placed on the Standard Pathway. The next reaffirmation of accreditation cycle will be scheduled to occur no later than four (4) years after removal of sanction. This accreditation report is to contain an embedded monitoring report specific to the area covered under Core Component 5B. The institution will remain on the Standard Pathway until it completes the full ten (10)-year cycle. If at that time the accreditation is reaffirmed without further sanction, GCCC may be considered to be eligible for the Open Pathway.

Dr. Ryan J. Ruda, President of GCCC stated that “he would like to extend his appreciation to the Higher Learning Commission and the site team members. This process validates the importance and value of peer review evidenced in the recent site visit and feedback received by the college. Additionally, I want to thank each of the employees at GCCC for their work and commitment to the accreditation process and continuous improvement. GCCC has much to celebrate and is a high-quality institution that places student success at the core of the institution. There are so many people to thank for their work. The administrative team, faculty and staff led by the coordinated efforts of Dr. Messinger displayed a great deal of institutional pride and perseverance throughout this process. This determination from the Higher Learning commission validates the work performed by so many at GCCC and confirms to students that GCCC is fully committed to student success and continuous improvement. It is a great day to be a Broncbuster, today and into the future.”

Dr. Jacquelyn Messinger has been the Accreditation liaison for GCCC during the process. She stated, “This has been a group effort and included all faculty, staff and administration–the hands-on working stakeholders of the college. We continuously strive for improvement in our procedures and processes. The professionals at the Higher Learning Commission have recognized the work we have done and the progress that has occurred. This removal of probationary sanction is a testament to the quality of hard-working professionals we employ who serve as the community’s stewards of the college.”