June 20, 2024

GWAC All-League football selections announced

Scott City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–The Great West Activities Conference has released their all-league selections for the 2020 football season

Holcomb had the most selections overall, putting 10 on the first team and had 17 selections, while Hugoton had 14 , Scott City had 13, Cimarron 12 and Colby 11. 

While the teams had multiple games against fellow conference members, this was the first year that the GWAC did not recognize a league champion. 

Five teams qualified for the playoffs in 2020, and only Cimarron and Scott City advanced to the Regional round of the playoffs. The Bluejays lost via forfeit to Hoisington due to Covid-19 this past Friday, and the Beavers were eliminated in the Regional round of the Class 3A Playoffs by Riley County.

GWAC First Team
Quarterback: Kaden Johnson, Holcomb
Running Back: Hagan Booi, Colby; Kolby Johnson, Holcomb; Jace Thomas, Scott City
Wide Receiver: Levi Knoll, Holcomb; Haden Daharsh, Hugoton; Isaac Tarango, Scott City
Tight End: Peyton Wahlmeier, Colby
All-Purpose: Leyton Cure, Goodland
Offensive Line: Ian Rosales, Colby; Kai Johnson & Oz Perez, Holcomb; Abraham Garcia, Hugoton; Gabe Bowers, Scott City

Defensive End: Hagan Booi, Colby; Kai Johnson, Holcomb
Defensive Line: Ian Rosales, Colby; Oz Perez, Holcomb; Gabe Bowers, Scott City
Linebacker: Tate Seabolt, Cimarron; Riggs Martin, Hugoton; Jeffery Nix, Scott City; Koy Kenny, Ulysses
Defensive Back: Andrew Ridenour, Cimarron; Jaren Rush, Colby; Levi Knoll, Holcomb; Sawyer Harper, Hugoton; Blaine Culp, Scott City

Special Teams
Punter: Sawyer Harper, Hugoton
Kicker: Emmanuel Aguilar, Cimarron
Kick Returner: Levi Knoll, Holcomb
Punt Returner: Damon Mesa, Holcomb

Honorable Mention
Quarterback: Sawyer Harper, Hugoton; Harrison King, Scott City
Running Back: Mason Eskam, Cimarron; Riggs Martin, Hugoton
Wide Receiver: Seth Ridenour, Cimarron; Wyatt Angell, Hugoton; Oscar Martinez, Ulysses
Tight End: Cooper Henson, Holcomb; Cade Mecklenburg, Hugoton; Yahir Alvarado, Ulysses
All-Purpose: Braxton Harrison, Cimarron; Levi Knoll, Holcomb; Sawyer Harper, Hugoton
Offensive Line: Hunter Renick, Cimarron; Nick Rehmer, Colby; Dexter Dautel & Trevor Daise, Goodland; Garrick Wells, Holcomb; Jeison Coreno, Hugoton; Taylor Heili & Dutch Turner, Scott City; Dawson Hudson & Moises Rodriguez, Ulysses

Defensive End: Hunter Renick, Cimarron; Peyton Wahlmeier, Colby; Dexter Dautel, Goodland; Cade Mecklenburg, Hugoton; Sawyer Stevens, Scott City
Defensive Line: Tanner Bailey, Cimarron; Declan Ryan, Colby; Colton Cupp, Scott City; Aaron Fierro, Ulysses
Linebacker: Braxton Harrison, Cimarron; Nick Rehmer & Landon Rinehart, Colby; Mason Murray, Goodland; Khai Cosner, Cooper Henson & Kolby Johnson, Holcomb; Adam Mendoza, Hugoton
Defensive Back: Leyton Cure, Goodland; Kevin Serrano & Isaac Tarango, Scott City

Special Teams
Punter: Braxton Harrison, Cimarron; Mason Hernandez, Goodland
Kicker: Carson VanEaton, Colby; Anio Majoral, Goodland; Edgar Ramirez, Holcomb
Punt Returner: Adam Mendoza, Hugoton; Oscar Martiez, Ulysses
Kick Returner: Manny Gonzalez, Goodland