New Anatomage Tables to Benefit Area Students

[Garden City, KS] June 23, 2021 — Garden City Community College has purchased two high-tech
Anatomage Tables, which provide three-dimensional, high-resolution mapping of both human
bodies and select animal cadavers, thanks to the contributions from donors and supporters of
GCCC. Through a Kansas Department of Commerce tax credit grant, GCCC secured over
$186,000 from donors to secure the Anatomage Tables as well as other equipment and learning
resources to complement the tables.
Anatomage Tables provide students with a hands-on learning environment that allows students
to digitally dissect and rotate incredibly complex anatomical structures. They are generally
more precise than traditional cadaver labs.
The tables will be utilized by GCCC students through Anatomy and Physiology courses as well as
area high school science departments. The portable equipment will be loaned to local high
schools on a rotating basis to share the educational technology with high school students
interested in the STEM fields, which enhances the teaching process and learning outcomes.
“We are very grateful to the donors and supporters who made this possible,” said Dr. Ruda,
GCCC President. “These new Anatomage Tables will provide enhanced science education with
state-of-the-art tools to students in our region. These tables align with our college values of
Bold Innovation, Empowered Creativity, and a Student-Centered Focus while helping to
advance the teaching and learning process and our college mission.”
To learn more about the Anatomage Tables, visit