June 15, 2024

Scott City Police and Scott County EMS awarded grants

Scott City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–The Scott City Police Department and Scott County EMS are excited to announce the award of the Local Safety and Security Equipment Grant through the Kansas Governor’s Grant Program. This grant supports equipment upgrades critical to emergency response and or law enforcement operations.

The Scott City Police Department wrote the grants for both agencies with the hopes of improving radio operations for both departments. The total amount awarded to Scott County EMS was $134,098. This grant will purchase 30 portable radios, 6 mobile radios, and 10 pagers. The total amount awarded to the Scott City Police Department is $72,450. This grant will purchase 10 portable radios and 9 mobile radios.
Police Chief David Post stated “This grant will allow much needed improvement in the radio system, all without impacting our local taxing budgets of over $206,000. I greatly appreciate our Administrative Assistant Amber Poore for her hard work making this grant a success.”
This competitive grant had 149 applications requesting over $26.3 million. Of those applications, only $6.1 million was granted. Scott City Mayor Everett Green stated “There were many agencies competing for these grant dollars. I believe the amounts awarded to our community positively reflect on the excellent cooperative effort between the Police Department and Scott County EMS.”
New guidelines are being put in place starting in 2024 that required our radio system to be upgraded and without this grant award we would have faced many challenges moving forward. Scott County EMS Director Kris Logsdon stated “I am excited to be able to continue to build on the growth vision that I cast for SCEMS when I arrived in town a year ago and this grant continues to make that possible. This grant would not have been possible without the help of the Police Department and their commitment to the citizens of Scott County.”