June 12, 2024

Four-lane expressway to be expanded between Dodge City and Garden City

The Kansas Department of Transportation has announced that they will be expanding their four-lane expressway to Garden City.

KDOT is expanding four segments of U.S. 50 to a four-lane expressway with a divided median from Aerodrome Rd in Finney County to the west city limits of Cimarron in Gray County. These projects will increase capacity, relieve congestion and enhance safety by limiting direct highway access points.

The four segments have been bundled into two groups for design and construction—a western and eastern group. The western group extend from Aerodrome Rd (Garden City Airport) in Finney County east to 7 Rd in Gray County. The eastern group extend from 7 Rd in Gray County east to Cimarron.

Once the four segments are complete, they will provide a much needed four-lane connection between Garden City and Dodge City. They were among the highest-rated projects at the southwest Local Consult meeting in 2019 and selected for the IKE Development Pipeline in May 2020. They have not yet been selected for the IKE Construction Pipeline.

Currently, the project is in construction on U.S. Highway 50 between Dodge City and Cimarron. The Eastern and Western Groups, west of Cimarron to Aerodrome Road is in the planning and designing phase.