Senator Moran: Framing the Debate For The New Republican Congress

Washington, DC ( Wednesday’s attack in Paris that killed 12 was an awakening for those lulled into a belief the fight against terrorism was winding down.



US Senator Jerry Moran believes there are two priorities he wants to see in the next Homeland Security Budget which is set to run out.

When Republicans were running last November they asked voter elect them to change the direction in Washington. Now that the GOP is in charge Senator Moran and his colleagues are setting the bar higher.

Critics are upset that some Republicans who ran against Obamacare and the President’s executive order on immigration fully funded those programs during the lame duck Congress. Although Moran voted no he understands why some in his party voted yes.

President Obama has reached out to Cuba in an effort to normalize relations with the Communist country. Moran thinks changing our stance could is a good idea.

Farmers in Western Kansas could see benefits from open trade with Cuba.

Moran wants easing of travel restrictions to Cuba which he thinks will nudge the country to allow more freedoms for its people.

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