May 26, 2024

Allen sentenced to 26 months for child endangerment

Garden City, KS( A Garden City man was sentenced to 26 months in prison for aggravated child endangerment on Wednesday. Elias Allen was convicted on February 15 after his stepson was admitted to a Kansas City hospital for malnutrition.

The child’s mother Kiala Pollman took a guilty plea for child abuse and testified in exchange for probation.

Allen’s attorney, Cheryl Stewart, made two requests for departure, but both were denied. Stewart did pay after the sentencing she thought the judge’s decision was fair.

The usual sentence for child endangerment is 13-15 months, but since the jury found there were aggravating factors the sentence doubled to 26 months. Allen also has to pay a fine of $1,961.72 and will receive credit for the 233 days he’s already served.