June 12, 2024

Scott City Wrestling 2nd at Hoxie Invitational

Hoxie, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)-The first tournament of the season sent teams to Hoxie on Saturday for the Hoxie Invitational. In one of the competitive tournaments to begin the season in a while, the defending 3-2-1A champions would win the tournament with 229.5 points while Scott City finished second with 158 points, and Colby was third with 114.5 points. Hugoton was ninth, Cimarron 10th and Lakin finished 11th.

The Beavers took three individual titles, with Collin McDaniel winning 132, Zach Rohrbough 145 and Kale Wheeler 170 pounds. Hugoton’s high placer was Adam Mendoza, who was second at 152, Cimarron’s Layne Johnson was their high placer, taking third at 220 and Lakin’s Bly Gosch was their highest placer at fourth place at 132.

Team Scores
Hoxie 229.5; Scott City 158; Colby 114.5; Oakley 59; Russell 57; Plainville 56; Oberlin 47; Rock Creek 43; Hugoton 36; Cimarron 28; Lakin 21

Individual Results
106 (Round Robin)
1. Dawsen Degood, Colby; 2. Cristian Don Juan, Hugoton; 3. Kash Schiltz, Hoxie
113 (Round Robin)
1. Tate Weimer, Hoxie; 2. Kaeden McCarty, Colby; 3. Evan Fry, Scott City; 4. Reid Fort, Oberlin
Championship: Carter Kreir, Oakley, won by dec over Wayne Shepard, Hoxie, 7-6
3rd Place: Josh Juenemann, Oberlin, won by dec over Seth Figge, Rock Creek, 4-1
Championship: Carson Ochs, Hoxie, won by dec over Logan Normandin, Plainville, 2-0
3rd Place: Ayden Presson, Scott City, won by fall over Spencer Bard, Rock Creek, 2:11
132 (Round Robin)
1. Collin McDaniel, Scott City; 2. Dayton Bell, Hoxie; 3. Tucker Wark, Colby; 4. Bly Gosch, Lakin
Championship: Drew Bell, Hoxie, won by fall over Lukas Zodrow, Oberlin, 1:23
3rd Place: Conner Lanning, Colby, won by dec over Alex Rodriguez, Scott City, 9-4
Championship: Zach Rohrbough, Scott City, won by fall over Reece Grafel, Oberlin, 2:33
3rd Place: Jacob Windholz, Russell, won by fall over Duncan Bell, Hoxie, 2:36
Championship: Drew Bretz, Hoxie, won by dec over Adam Mendoza, Hugoton, 6-2
3rd Place: Tristan Ryburn, Oakley, won by fall over Brayden Suchy, Russell, 2:37
Championship: Derek Johnson, Hoxie, won by fall over Houston Frank, Scott City, :24
3rd Place: Teagan Pfeifer, Russell, won by dec over Eli Greene, Cimarron, 9-2
170 (Round Robin)
1. Sam Watkins, Hoxie; 2. Tyler Voss, Colby; 3. Brendan Smith, Rock Creek; 4. Alonso Frances, Scott City
182 (Round Robin)
1. Kale Wheeler, Scott City; 2. Ryan Shaw, Hoxie; 3. Nick Rehmer, Colby; 4. Jarrett Bogner, Cimarron
Championship: Tyler Moresco, Russell, won by dec over Kyle Werner, Plainville, 4-3
3rd Place: Donovan Balluch, Hoxie, won by fall over Colin Carroll, Colby, 4:11
220 (Round Robin)
1. Draxtin Hovis, Plainville; 2. Braydon Bruner, Scott City; 3. Layne Johnson, Cimarron; 4. Aidan Morrell, Russell
Championship: Ivan Jirak, Oakley, won by dec over Josh Jacobson, Scott City, 1-0
3rd Place: Gavin Schippers, Hoxie, won by dec over Logan Haggard, Colby, 3-1