Scott City tennis dominates home meet

Scott City, Kan. (–The Scott City tennis team continues their solid start to the season, as they picked up another tournament championship on Friday on their home courts at the Scott City Invitational. 

The Beavers won three of the four divisions, en route to the title. Trego was second and Colby took third. 

Taking tournament titles for Scott City include Avry Noll at No. 1 Singles, Dylan Duff at No. 2 Singles, and Houston Frank/Sage Stoecklein at No. 1 Doubles. 

Team Scores
Scott City 48; Trego 32; Colby 28; Hays 22, Scott City “White” 22; Garden City 6; Goodland 6; Phillipsburg 6

No. 1 Singles
1. Avry Noll, Scott City; 2. Caden Brown, Trego; 3. Ayden Presson, Scott City “White”; 4. Simone Cardile, Colby; 5. Colin Clark, Hays; 6. Layton Wyatt, Phillipsburg; 7. Sharid Goodman, Goodland; 8. Ashton James, Garden City
No. 2 Singles
1. Dylan Duff, Scott City; 2. Augustin Crabbe, Trego; 3. Jalil Cardenas, Colby; 4. Alberto Garcia, Garden City; 5. Brody Strine, Scott City “White”; 6. Ken Shaffer, Hays; 7. Carter Kendall, Phillpsburg; 8. Aaron Owens, Goodland
No. 1 Doubles
1. Houston Frank/Sage Stoecklein, Scott City; 2. Henry Fitzthum/Ryan Shuckman, Hays; 3. Isaac Brungardt/Micah Burk, Trego; 4. Jacob Koon/Dawson Lemman, Colby; 5. Kalo Hineman/Eric Shapland, Scott City “White”; 6. Caleb Bonner/Nate Schears, Goodland; 7. NathanFischer/Theo Keesee, Phillipsburg; 8. Rory James/Balthazar Ramirez, Garden City
No. 2 Doubles
1. Logan Haggard/Lincoln Myers, Colby; 2. Dante Franco/Ben Resendiz, Scott City; 3. Tanner Gooden/Julian Labra, Scott City “White”; 4. Logan Schmidt/Jack Scoby, Hays; 5. Garrett Kuhn/Corbin Micek, Trego; 6. Santiago Keinbaum/Christian Ramirez, Garden City; 7. Jaron Nothdurft/Witton Peter, Goodland; 8. Graden Deines/Gaige Smith, Trego