February 28, 2024

GCCC BOT Approves Digital Textbook Contract, Men’s Locker Room Remodel

Garden City, Kan (WesternKansasNews.Com) – The Garden City Community College Board of Trustees
approved a renewal of a digital textbook contract and a remodel of the men’s basketball locker
room during the regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, May 10, 2022.

Garden City Community College was one of the first adopters nationally to partner with
Cengage to provide e-texts embedded into the Canvas Learning Management system. The
current contract, which has a projected overall saving to students of $1,205,000 since June of
2020, was coming to end. The Board voted to renew a three-year contract with Cengage for
digital textbooks, for an annual rate of $184,093 for years one and two, followed by an annual
rate of $204,323 in year three. These costs are covered through student fees.

The GCCC men’s basketball locker rooms have not been renovated in over 25 years. As part of
ongoing improvements, GCCC Administration sought bids for a remodel entailing updating the
showers into individual stalls, replacing the flooring, and removing the old lockers. The Board
approved a bid from Benitez Construction for the renovation and remodel of the men’s basketball
locker room at $91,000 and the purchase of lockers from All Wood Locker at $19,262. The
$110,262 total will be funded from the capital outlay.

The Board approved the 2022 COP financing resolution in the principal amount of $5,100,000
after reviewing the A+ rating call received by GCCC. The rating call reviews the stability of the
institution, fiscal security, outlook in the community, and overall risk factors regarding the
proposed financing.

The Board approved a bid for $62,485 from Davis Electric of Cimarron for the electrical
installation needed for the new video board at the Broncbuster Athletic Complex. The electrical
project will connect from the concession stand location and be run to the videoboard placed at
the south end of the complex.

The dishwasher system in the GCCC cafeteria needs to be replaced and bids were received from
two vendors. The Board approved a bid for a dishwasher system from Tri/Hockenbergs of
Kansas City for $58,249.24 and installation by Hobart Sales and Service of Hays for $6,500 for a
total cost of $64,749.24, to be paid for using COP series 2021B.

The Board held two executive sessions where no action was taken.

Additionally, the Board agreed to a change in the monthly board meeting date from the second
Tuesday monthly to the third Tuesday monthly, beginning July 2022. This change is due to a
delay in the timing of the monthly financials and will allow the Board to receive the full board
packet earlier and have more time to review it before each meeting.

The next meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14th at 6 p.m. in the
Endowment Room at the Beth Tedrow Student Center.