May 26, 2024

Colby wins GWAC Golf meet, overall league title

Cimarron, Kan. (–Thursday wrapped up a competitive GWAC golf season, as the Great West Activities Conference Golf Tournament made its way to Cimarron at the Cimarron Golf Club.

Colby took a lead by six shots over Scott City in the league standings, and would end up winning Thursday’s league tournament by six shots over the Beavers. Goodland would finish third.

Winning the tournament and the GWAC Player of the Year award would be Scott City’s Jackson Rumford, as he had the overall best score among the three league tournaments scored. At Cimarron, he shot a 73, one shot over par. 

For the first time in the league’s 14-year history, the league would determine a champion by using the scores at three tournaments. This year’s tournaments that counted toward the league standings were Holcomb and Ulysses. Colby would win the overall, Scott City was second and Goodland was third.

GWAC Tournament
Team Scores
Colby 338; Scott City 344; Goodland 359; Hugoton 379; Cimarron 385; Holcomb 391; Ulysses 458

Top 15 Individuals
1. Jackson Rumford, Scott City, 73; 2. Isaiah Rosales, Colby, 78; 3. Matthew Wheeler, Scott City, 81; 4. Barrett Schlosser, Goodland, 83; 5t. Kade Houngman & Zane Betz, Colby, L. Thyne, Holcomb, & Storm Heger, Hugoton, 86; 9. Kaleb Dixon, Colby, 88; 10t. Eli Lisenby, Scott City, Ayden Harper, Hugoton, Blair Linin, Goodland & Ryan Burman, Cimarron, 90; 14. Dax Smith, Cimarron, 92; 15t. Trent Sheldon & Braden Bergsma, Goodland, 93

Other Area Results
Cimarron: 17t. Austin Temaat, 85; 30t. Tate Curtiss, 108; 34. Ben Vogel, 110; 39. Greyson Fry, 120
Holcomb: 19. Bryce Maddox, 97; 27. Bryson Novack, 103; 28. Jacob Novack, 105; 35. J. Mesa, 112; 38. Craig Collins, 115
Hugoton: 23. Seth Mason, 101; 24t. Tab Robbins, 102; 24t. Oaklee Garrison, 102; 30t. Conder Devaughn, 108
Scott City: 22. Drew Metzger, 100; 24t. Tracer Chapman, 102; 33. Cauy Vance, 109
Ulysses: 17t. Saven Rosales, 95; 36. Jorge Aguilar, 113; 37. Blain Coffey, 114; 40. Chris Madrigal, 136; 41. Edwin Galindo, 146

Overall GWAC Standings
Colby 1103; Scott City 1115; Goodland 1138; Hugoton 1163; Cimarron 1217; Holcomb 1258; Ulysses 1494

1st Team GWAC
Jackson Rumford, Scott City; Zane Betz, Colby; Ayden Harper, Hugoton; Kaleb Dixon, Colby; Barrett Schlosser, Goodland; Matthew Wheeler, Scott City
Honorable Mention
Isaiah Rosales, Colby; Ryan Burman, Cimarron; L. Thyne, Holcomb; Kade Youngman, Colby, Oaklee Garrison, Hugoton; Braden Bergsma, Goodland